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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How to find Trinity County Arrest Records How to find Trinity County Arrest Records Search for Trinity County arrest records, Texas. Carry out a full background check on any person you want. Get accurate criminal history reports
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Finding Trinity County Arrest records

Trinity County arrest records present a person's local incarceration history. This article shows where you can find them. You will also be shown how to perform a criminal background check in Texas.

Conducting a background check on a local level

To search for Trinity County arrest records turn to the sheriff. He doesn't offer a computerized jail roster, so your investigation must be carried out in person at his office (214 W 1st St, Groveton, TX 75845 Ph: 936-642-1424).

When you reach there, we also recommend seizing the opportunity and inquiring about Trinity County warrants. This will enable you to find out if the one you are checking is suspected of committing a crime and, thus, is wanted for questioning.

A criminal case search

To make sure the people you interact with on a daily basis (e.g. your children's nanny, your employees, etc.) do not have a record due to prior convictions, you need to go over Trinity County court records.

Go to the County Clerk (for misdemeanor offenses) and the District Clerk (for felony offenses) and make a formal request to get public records. The Texas Attorney General gives elaborate information on this procedure.

Tracking a person's incarceration history statewide

Texas arrest records can be found using the following search tools:

1) The TxDPS name search can be used to search for arrests and prosecutions for offenses more severe than Class B misdemeanor all over Texas. This database demands that you sign up and pay a fee.

2) The TDCJ's inmate locator presents inmates in TX prison system. Access it here.

3) offers an effective inquiry tool where you can search for a person's criminal history all over TX counties. You will receive reports containing Trinity County arrest records, warrants, court dockets and anything you need for a full record check. Search results are accurate and your anonymity is guaranteed.