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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Texas Inmate Search Texas Inmate Search Learn how to perform an inmate search in Texas. We show the best online and offline sources you can use to locate a detainee in the state & in the counties
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Texas Inmate Search

Performing a Texas inmate search is simpler than you might think. There are plenty of sources that will assist you in obtaining useful information. The aim of this article is to present these sources and demonstrate how you can utilize them to find an inmate in TX correctional system.

Sources for a Texas inmate lookup

Basically there are two primary sources we recommend:

1. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice puts at your disposal an effective electronic offenders search tool. Results will include the following: inmate's personal details (race, gender and age), the facility where he or she is held, his or her offense, release date (including eligibility for parole) and visitation rights. A list of prior offenses for which the inmate served time is also included. A person's full name will suffice to get the results, though it is also possible to fill in a TDJC number or a SID number. In order to access the search tool, click here.

2. Texas arrest records can be obtained by referring to the crime records service operated by the TxDPS. This is a computerized data bank that enables searchers to carry out a criminal background check on any of the state's residents by displaying a person's prosecutions and arrest history. Its main advantage is that it also displays sex offenders in Texas. Its main disadvantage is that it requires users to open an account and disclose some personal details (e.g. valid address).

Performing an arrest search on a county level

A Texas inmate search can be carried out in each of the state's counties. The larger ones offer convenient online inquiry tools. For example, it is possible to initiate a Dallas County inmate search by using the electronic database on the sheriff's website. The information users receive includes the detainee's personal details and physical description, booking number and date, the facility where he or she was held, specific charges, warrant number, and even his or her attorney's name.

Harris County arrest records can be located by using the online search tool provided by the sheriff office. When online sources are not available, it is advisable to contact the county jail directly or arrive at the sheriff office in person. They can give you access to their criminal archives where you can find information on the county's detainees.

Arrest data

In 2013, 936,358 people were incarcerated in the entire states of which 214,889 were females and 70,561 were juveniles. Law enforcement agencies apprehended 681 suspects for murder, 1689 for rape, 6,819 for robbery and 21,673 for assault.