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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Smith County Warrants and Arrest Search Smith County Warrants and Arrest Search Read these instructions for a Smith County warrants and arrest search, TX. We offer an inquiry tool to check a person's criminal history record in Texas
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Smith County Warrants and Arrest Search

Performing a Smith County arrest records search is relatively simple since the sheriff office puts at your disposal effective online search tools. For example, you can use the jail records search to learn about the county's past and present arrestees.

To perform an inmate search that covers entire Texas, you had better go to the online  Offender Information Search supervised by the TDCJ. Finally, to complete inquiry, you can contact the Smith County Jail and ask whether a person you know is one of the inmates. Their phone number is (903) 590-2800.

Performing a warrant inquiry

Unless caught red handed while committing a crime, a person can only be taken into custody based on an arrest warrant, which is – in fact – an official document signed by a judge. It authorizes the police to apprehend a suspect based on a probable cause according to which he / she has been involved in a crime.

To conduct a Smith County warrant search, check the sheriff's criminal databases. You will need to arrive at the office in person to carry out your investigation. In case you are afraid your criminal past may be revealed in front of the law officers working at the office, send someone else instead of you, or try to garner the information via the telephone (903- 590-2661).

If you are looking for a reliable source that concentrates all relevant data about a person's criminal background in one place, use the search tool on this website. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Smith County court records

The county offers an electronic inquiry tool to help you locate criminal court records. You can also run a civil case search using the same tool. For extra information on misdemeanor records visit the county clerk at 200 E. Ferguson Suite 300 Tyler, Texas 75702 or call their Criminal Division at (903) 590-4681.

The district clerk will help you with felony records. They are located at 100 North Broadway, Room 204. Tyler, TX 75702. The telephone number of the division that handles felony cases is (903) 590-1679.

Crime rates

Statistically speaking, in 2013, 3257.1 crimes occurred for every 100000 residents in the county. Concretely, police reports show that on that year, 7072 offenses were committed, including 9 murders! The law abiding residents also suffered from 48 rapes and 100 robberies. The number of assaults reached 481. Law enforcement agencies incarcerated more than 1,600 suspects.