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Database Update on April 20, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Palo Pinto County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Palo Pinto County Arrest Records and Warrant Search The most effective way to do a Palo Pinto County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. This website offers an advanced criminal background check tool
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Palo Pinto County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Knowing where to go to and which website you can use to accesses criminal databases is a must if you want to initiate a background check in Palo Pinto County, Texas. To begin with, you will be able to perform a Palo Pinto County warrant search by going to the Criminal Investigators Division at the sheriff office. Their physical location is 420 Cedar Street, Palo Pinto, TX  76484. They can be reached on the telephone at 940-659-1667. They are in charge of investigating severe crimes (murder, rape and assaults) and therefore they have all the information you need.

Initiating an arrest search

To carry out a Palo Pinto County arrest records search you should contact the county jail. The sheriff's website presents two relevant phone numbers that will take you to the Jail Administrator: 940-659-1290 and 940-659-1289. Besides that, there are no other available sources you can use if you limit your inquiry to the county level.

Therefore we suggest referring to broader databases offered by the state. The TDCJ offers an online inquiry tool with which you can perform a Texas inmate search. They receive data from all of the state's correctional facilities. Among other details, you will be able to see the exact facility in which the inmate is held.

You can attempt to locate Palo Pinto County arrest records by utilizing the criminal search system of the TxDPS. It displays a person incarceration history in all of TX counties. The inquiry process can be a little time consuming since it requires opening a user account.

Alternatively, you may choose to utilize the search option on this website. It will direct you to a huge data bank that will provide you with reports containing a person's criminal history. We strongly suggest using it to trace Palo Pinto County warrants and jail records. Searcher's identity is kept strictly confidential; in other words, no one will know about your inquiry.

Locating court dockets

To find court dockets that relate to misdemeanor offenses, refer the county clerk (their telephone number for additional information is 940-659-1277). Palo Pinto County court records that relate to felony offenses should be searched at the district clerk office. They can be reached at 940-659-1279.

Both offices will demand that you deliver a formal request to view public records. The website of the General Attorney of Texas can provide you with more details on this matter

Crime rates

Official data from 2013 reveal that 1,109 crimes occurred in the county during that year. There were zero murders but 5 women were raped. There were also 16 robberies, 44 assaults, 303 burglaries, 682 larceny cases and 59 car thefts. Police apprehended 146 people.