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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Navarro County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

Obtaining information on Navarro County warrants is crucial when conducting a criminal background check on a person. You may want to know, for example, whether a potential employee is wanted by the police or whether a nanny you intend to hire for your kids has a criminal history.

How to conduct a Navarro County warrant search

Start your inquiry at the sheriff office. They maintain updated databases that contain information on all criminal activities that took place in the county. They are also responsible for locating fugitives and bringing them to justice. You need to pay them a visit at 312 W 2nd Ave. Corsicana, Texas 75110. If you have any reason to believe you are a wanted person, do not go near a police station. Limit your inquiry to the phone (903-654-3001) or ask someone to do the check for you.

Another viable option includes using the search box added to this page. It will provide you with accurate and updated criminal background reports. Searches are kept confidential.

Undertaking a Navarro County arrest search

To learn more about a person's past, you will have to find out whether he or she has ever been incarcerated by the police. To obtain Navarro County arrest records, contact the county jail at 903-654-3012 . The sheriff office can also help you with information on the county's detainees.

Conducting a Texas inmate search

If you decide to make an inquiry that encompasses the whole state, the TDCJ can assist you with their online inmate locator. It contains data from all of TX correctional facilities. To trace a person's history of arrests and prosecutions, we also advise referring to the computerized service that is provided by the TxDPS. Take into account that it will not include data on minor offenses (Class C misdemeanor).

Obtaining Court dockets

Navarro County court records can be obtained online here. If you are seeking more detailed reports, fill in a FOIA request and send it by mail either to the county clerk (800 N. Main Corsicana, TX 75110) or to the district clerk (P.O. Box 1439 Corsicana, Texas 75151). The former is in charge of misdemeanor records while the latter is in charge of felony records. The General Attorney of Texas explains on his website how to submit a formal request for public information.

Crime statistics

Navarro County suffers from high crime rates despite being a small county. On average, every year, around 3,800 crimes per 100,000 people are reported. Practically speaking, in 2013, the residents had to deal with 1,835 offenses. That meant 6 murders, 27 rapes, 25 robberies, 102 assaults, 504 burglaries, and 1,136 larceny cases. If that is not enough, 35 cars were reported stolen. Police detained 426 people.