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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Lavaca County Arrests and Warrants, Texas Lavaca County Arrests and Warrants, Texas Read these guidelines to find information on Lavaca County arrests and warrants, Texas. Carry out a background check on any person living in Texas
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Lavaca County Arrests and Warrants, Texas – Carrying Out a Criminal Record Check

Lavaca County arrests and warrants can be found through a careful use of online tools provided to you by the government, and also in person through the sheriff's office. You, your family, or your business might require background checks for a multitude of reasons. Thanks to updated systems and ease of accessibility, you’ll find this information at your fingertips.

Finding Lavaca County arrest records

Arrest records will tell you each time a person was incarcerated. Keep in mind – these documents do not indicate guilt or innocence. They simply state that an arrest was initiated, but do not mention the results of any trial, or a conclusive ending to the case.

You may use the sheriff's inmate lookup tool to locate a detainee. You can search by any portion of an individual’s name, or view a complete list of current inmates or charges.

How to find Texas arrest records

To conduct a broader search of the entire state, you can use this website provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. After opening an account, this tool will allow you to search through arrests and prosecutions throughout the entire state of Texas.

Conducting a Warrant Search

Warrants are documents that condone the arrest of an individual. They are obtained through a judge after sufficient evidence has been provided to incriminate an individual. Again, there is no indication of guilt included in a warrant. Rather, there is only a suspicion that an offense has been committed.

Lavaca County warrants cannot be found online. Instead, you will need to contact the sheriff’s office. The phone number is 361-798-2121. Be prepared to request information and provide identifying details, such as the suspect's full name.

A Criminal Case Search

Searching for court records is an imperative part of a thorough criminal record check. They will tell you any time an individual has spent in court on trial, and the outcome of that trial.

Lavaca County court records can be found through the following means.

  • To find a misdemeanor case, contact the County Clerk. You will need to fill out a FOIA request to view the information. The office phone number is 361-798-3612.
  • To find a felony case, contact the District Clerk at 361-798-2351.

For more information on exactly how to request a records search, use this website provided by the Attorney General of Texas.

Where to Look for Texas Sex Offenders

A Texas sex offender search can be done online through this tool. This is a statewide database and, therefore, it will give you a wide spectrum beyond the county level.