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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Lampasas County Warrant Search Lampasas County Warrant Search Perform a Lampasas County warrant search, Texas. Check a person's criminal background and arrest history using this website background check tool
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How to Complete a Warrant Search in Lampasas County, Texas

Performing  Lampasas County warrant search is an easy process and the best way to begin a background check. All you need is some basic information about the subject of your inquiry and in a few steps, you will be able to know if he / she has a criminal history.

Initiating a warrant search

Civilians cannot submit a formal request for a Lampasas County warrant search in writing or online. The best thing to do is stop by the sheriff’s office located at 410 East Fourth Street in Lampasas, Texas.

Once you get there, seek information on the county's wanted people and warrants issued by the court and delivered to the sheriff office for execution and maintenance. In the majority of the cases (unless there is an ongoing investigation that requires secrecy), you will be able to obtain the information you are looking for. The sheriff stuff will willing to help out of considerations of public safety.

Inquiring about Lampasas County arrest records

If you have questions about arrest records, visit the Lampasas County Jail. They are located in the Lampasas Sheriff’s office (See address above). Their telephone number is 512-556-8255.

The jail is home to the most up-to-date records; however, the sheriff’s department does not provide information regarding forthcoming inmate or court appearances. This information must come from the district or county court or from the inmates themselves.

Additional useful sources for a criminal record check

If you want to perform a criminal records search but do not want to contact the jail yourself, you can use one of two alternative online tools.

The electronic inquiry tool provided by TXDPS allows users to find anyone in Texas who has been arrested for a crime above a Class B misdemeanor. The service requires a payment of 24 dollars per search.

If you have a TDCJ or the SID number, you can also use the TDCJ searchable data bank. Just enter the appropriate number and the correct name into the record locator to retrieve the results.

Obtaining Lampasas County Court Records

Court dockets are documents that tell you whether someone was tried for or convicted of a crime. You can find these documents on the county court website. From here, you can download the relevant docket from as far back as 2014.

District court records are also available on the county’s district court page.

All documents can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format.

Finding Registered Sex Offenders

Texas offers a streamlined option for conducting a sex offender search. You can utilize the TxDPS search engine. Just fill in the subject’s name and location to access your results.

To conclude, you can obtain all the information you need about a person's criminal history using the search tool offered by this website. All you need is the subject's name and you will be able to perform a Lampasas County warrant search, find arrest records and get an account of a person's prior convictions. Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Remember, checking the background of people involved in your life is your responsibility. It, sometimes, what it takes to keep your loved ones safe.