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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Explaining How to Carry out a Texas Warrant Search Explaining How to Carry out a Texas Warrant Search Find out what is the best & fastest way to perform a Texas warrant search. Use this website's background check tool to inquire about yourself & other people.
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Performing a Texas Warrant Search - What You Need to Know

Is there an arrest order carrying my name? Is there such an order against a person that matters to me (a potential employee, my children's nanny, my elderly parents' nurse, etc.)? The following lines will answers these questions by explaining how to do a Texas warrant search in the most efficient and fastest way.

No Official Statewide Tool, So You Will Have to Perform a Local Search

Unfortunately, you won't find any governmental online search tool which discloses warrant information to the public, so you'll have to focus your inquiry on your local area. The sheriff office of each county is responsible for tracing wanted people, arresting them and, therefore, executing outstanding warrants. For this reason, they are your best source of information.

What you should do is go to your local sheriff office and inquire whether a certain individual is wanted by the police and if there is a warrant on his/her name. Some sheriff websites have a Most Wanted page or a search tool through which you can run a criminal background check. For example, to carry out a Harris County warrant search, you can refer to the sheriff office's Public Record Center at

By the way, you can also focus your inquiry on a specific city by going to the relevant police department and asking about wanted people in the area of their jurisdiction. As in the case of sheriff offices, you may find useful online search tools on some websites run by city police departments, for example, the electronic open record center maintained by the Dallas Police at:

Using Court Data to Conduct a Texas Warrant Search

The court is the next logical place to find information on Texas warrants as this is where warrants are issued to begin with. You should contact your District Clerk and ask for access to criminal court dockets. Many clerks enable you to find the information you need on the internet. For example, to find Dallas County court records, you can make use of the online record search the District Court puts at your disposal ( This tool has a section dedicated to felony and misdemeanor cases, which you can access for the purpose of a background check. All you need is the subject's name.

Will the Authorities Agree to Disclose Warrant Information?

By and large, law enforcement authorities are willing to share information on wanted people for reasons of public safety. They also believe that cooperating with the public will help them solve criminal cases faster. It should be noted, though, that details regarding cases under active investigation may sometimes remain confidential. In addition, warrants related to minors remains concealed unless ordered otherwise by court.

As to criminal court records, the Texas Public Information Act (Chapter 552) grants the public free access to most governmental records. A person will not have to come up with any reason for wanting any record. For more information on TX FOIA Laws, go to the website of the state's District Attorney.

Why Will You want to Carry out a Warrant Search?

It's quite obvious that you will want to make sure the people you interact with on a daily basis have no criminal history so as to keep you and your loved ones safe. Moreover, you should know that once a warrant is released, it remains valid indefinitely and if there is such a warrant issued in your name, you may be arrested anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it's recommended running a quick search to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Using This Website's Search Tool

A highly efficient and quick way of running a Texas warrant search is using the search tool puts at your disposal. By filling out a person's name, you'll get a full criminal history report related to him/her. This report encompasses all of TX counties (and all other US states). Its contains information on warrants, arrest records, court records, police records and more. The data is accurate and is updated regularly. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. Service fees are low.