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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Houston City Criminal Background Check - TX Houston City Criminal Background Check - TX How to run a background check in Houston City, Texas. Find arrest records and do a warrant search. Reveal a person's criminal and incarceration history
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How to Carry Out a Criminal Background Check in Houston City, TX

Do you consider moving to Houston, Texas? There are some things you should know regarding the issue of personal safety and crime. First and foremost, Houston is considered safer than only 4% of the cities in the entire United States. By 2030, the city will grow by approximately 3 million people, most of whom are immigrants. That means that there is a strong possibility that crime rates will increase. Already today, on average, 216 crimes occur per 1 square mile compared to 33 in the entire state.

These figures only stress the importance of being able to conduct a background check on those around you to keep you and your family safe. In the following lines, we will show you how to trace Houston arrest records, warrants and any other relevant criminal background data.

How to find Houston arrest records

To garner information on arrest made by the Houston Police Department, you need to file a criminal history request via their Identification Division (phone number: 832-394-4880) either by mail (HPD, Identification Division 1200 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002) or in person by visiting their office at 1002 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77002 (basement level).

Be advised, you will only be allowed to view records related to your own incarceration history. If you want to get details on other people, you will need to refer to the county's authorities.

Conducting a Harris County arrest search

The sheriff office will be able to assist you in locating Harris County arrest records. Their website contains an inmate locator that shows people who have been taken into custody by the county's law enforcement agencies.

To conduct a more thorough criminal history check that also encompasses prosecutions and convictions, you ought to obtain Harris County court records and that can be done by referring to the district clerk. They demand filing a request in person or by mail and paying a $5 fee per file (payment can be issued on the phone with a credit card). For further details, you can visit their Criminal Bureau at 1201 Franklin, Houston, TX 77002; or Dial their number: 713 755-7812.

For your information, some of the county's criminal court dockets can be found on the Internet by using the clerk's online inquiry tool at

Locating Houston warrants

The most obvious place to initiate a city of Huston warrant search is to contact the Municipal Courts at 713 837-0311 or 713-247-5479.  Those interested in viewing Harris County warrants (for all types of offenses ranging from misdemeanor to felony), should turn to the sheriff. To make it more convenient for searchers, the sheriff website offers a warrant look up tool that can be accessed here.