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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Find Zavala County Arrest Records and Warrants Find Zavala County Arrest Records and Warrants Use these guidelines to search for Zavala County arrest records and warrants, Texas. Check a person's criminal background. Get immediate & accurate results
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Useful Guidelines for Finding Zavala County Arrest Records, Warrants & Court Records

Are you an employer looking for a new worker? Are you a parent interested in checking the background of a potential babysitter for your child? The following article will show you step by step how to find Zavala County arrest records and how to trace a person’s criminal history.

Where to look for Zavala County arrest records and outstanding warrants

The sheriff provides information on the county’s current and former detainees. This is also the place to inquire about Zavala county warrants. This information does appear online so it can only be asked at the sheriff office in person (Their phone number: 830-374-3615).

Inquiring about criminal records

A criminal record is issued after a person is convicted of a crime. To search for a person’s history of convictions, you need to access Zavala County court records either at the office of the County Clerk (ph: 830-374-2331 ) for misdemeanor offenses and the office of the District Clerk (ph: 830-374-3456 ) for felony offenses. Searchers need to file a FOIA request (For guidelines how to do it in Texas, go here).

Expanding your background check

If you want to see more than Zavala County arrest records and broaden your scope of inquiry to the State of Texas, here are some recommended online tools:

  • TX arrest records can be searched at the TxDPS’ Criminal History Name Search. Signing up and paying a fee is required.
  • For a Texas inmate search, go to the online offender search of the Department of Criminal Justice.
  • For an all-inclusive background check that will show Zavala County arrest records, warrants and court dockets as well as people's criminal histories in all Texas counties, use the online inquiry tool on this website. All you need is the subject’s name. All data is accurate and updated. All searches are anonymous and secure. Fees are low.