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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Wise County Warrants and Arrest Search

Every year, hundreds of Wise County arrest warrants are issued against those that are suspected of committing various offenses. In 2013, police apprehended 430 people. 914 crimes were reported including 1 murder 5 rapes, 9 robberies and 81 assaults. Taking into consideration these quite high crime rates (Statistically speaking, there were 1495.2 crimes per 100,000 residents), it can be understood why you may want to carry out a criminal background check on certain people with whom you occasionally interact (e.g. your employee, your date or even your kids' nanny).

To check if someone has a history of convictions, you ought to obtain Wise County court records. There are two types of criminal records: those dealing with misdemeanor cases which can be found at the county clerk office and those dealing with more severe felony offenses which can be traced at the district clerk office.

In any case, regulations require filing a FOIA request and sending it by mail to the relevant office. You may wait up to 10 days for a response. For more information, refer to the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Undertaking a Wise County arrest records search

To find those who were apprehended in the county, you should utilize the official jail records online inquiry tool. You may also want to turn to Wise County Jail via the sheriff office and carry out an inmate search. Their phone number is 940-627-5975.

Another useful alternative is to utilize the computerized criminal search offered by the TxDPS. It will exhibit a person's arrest history for violations more severe than Class B misdemeanor. Although it is not 100% accurate, it covers the whole states and this is its main advantage.

Finding out whether a person is wanted by the police

To initiate a Wise County warrant search, contact the warrant manager at the sheriff office. They store criminal data originated in the District Court (271st Judicial District), the County Court at Law and the Justice of the Peace Courts. Their physical location is 200 Rook Ramsey Drive - Decatur, Texas 76234. They can be reached by dialing 940-627-5971.

To save you all the time and bother of using multiple sources, we suggest using the search form attached to this article. It will allow you to thoroughly check a person's criminal and civil background without compromising your confidentiality. Results are derived from highly reliable and regularly updated governmental and private sources.