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Texas Arrest Warrants
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Williamson County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Williamson County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Simple guidelines for a Williamson County warrant and arrest records search, TX. Find out if anyone you know has a criminal history. Keep your family safe.
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Williamson County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

If a Williamson County arrest warrant has been issued against you, you can never be safe. You can be incarcerated at any given time and place. To avoid unimaginable inconvenience and embarrassment (Imagine being arrested while you spend time with friends in a bar or worse, while you are on a date), we strongly suggest conducting all the possible checks to be 100% sure you have a clean record. And if not, find a good lawyer as soon as possible.

How can you know if there is an outstanding warrant carrying your name?

To carry out a Williamson County warrant search, refer to the sheriff office. You will have to arrive at their office with a photo ID and ask them to go over their criminal archives. Be advised, if it is found that your name appears on a warrant, you will be incarcerated!

Alternatively, you can search a lawyer to do the inquiry on your behalf by faxing the sheriff office an official letterhead. Their fax number is (512) 943-1444. If you wish to do your check on the web (which is apparently to most convenient way), this site offers an electronic tool (see on the right sidebar) that will reveal a person's full criminal background. Search results are highly reliable and updated. You do not have to worry, the person you are checking will have no way of knowing he has been searched.

Finding a person's arrest history

To do a Williamson arrest records search, you will have to refer to the sheriff's website. They offer a jail records search tool. The mandatory fields you will have to fill in include the person's first and second name. Of course, filling in more information (such as date of birth and booking date) will make the search more efficient.

The TxDPS has its own Computerized Criminal History System which displays a person's arrest history in all of Texas. It will reveal only arrests made for Class B misdemeanor or more severe violations. In addition, it will require you to sign up for the service (This may include revealing some of your personal details).

Williamson County court records

The county offers you an online civil and criminal case records search tool. For more comprehensive information, especially regarding felony court records, you are advised to visit the district clerk. Their office can be found at Williamson County Courthouse, 710 Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626 (Tel. 512-943-1100). They will charge you 1 dollar for a page and 5 dollars if you wish the document to be certified.

The county clerk office is where you should go in case you are seeking misdemeanor records. Their office address is similar to that of the district clerk.

Crime data

In 2013, 6765 crimes took place in the county. These crimes consisted of 4 murders, 82 rapes, 332 assaults, 73 robberies, 190 car thefts and 5099 cases of larceny. Statistically speaking, 1554.6 offenses were committed for 100000 people. The number of arrests police made reached 1503.