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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Wilbarger County Jail Records and Warrants Wilbarger County Jail Records and Warrants How to find Wilbarger County jail records and warrants, Texas. Use this website's search tool to check a person's criminal background
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Guidelines for Finding Wilbarger County Jail Records and warrants, Texas

By inspecting Wilbarger County jail records, you will ba able to tell if a person has been taken into custody in the past. These records can be found at the local detention center. We recommend contacting them (phone no. 940-553-1351) and asking about a specific person’s incarceration history.

Obtaining Texas arrest records

Wilbarger County jail records will convey information on local detainees. If you are interested in checking a person’s criminal background throughout the state, there are some more extensive databases you can refer to:

  • The TexasDepartment of Criminal Justice manages a computerized offender search. Use it to trace inmates in the state’s prisons. In addition, you may file a request by mail regarding a person’s incarceration history. For more details, go here.
  • To garner information on Texas arrests, use the computerized Criminal History Name Search operated by the TxDPS. After you sign up, you may look for people apprehended for offenses greater than Class B misdemeanor in all of TX counties.

How to Perform a Warrant search

To check whether a certain individual is a wanted fugitive, visit the sheriff office (1700 Wilbarger Street, Vernon, Texas, 76384. Phone: 940-552-6205) and search for Wilbarger County warrants. They tend to share information and in exchange hope to get tips from the public that will help them locate suspects.

Searching for Wilbarger County court records

Don’t get confused, Wilbarger County jail records unfold names of incarcerated people. They tell nothing about a person’s prosecution and conviction history.

If you want to find out whether the subject of your search has ever been trialed for a crime, you should try to obtain copies of court records by referring to two offices: the County Clerk handles misdemeanor cases; the District Clerk is responsible for felony cases. You will need to file a FOIA request to view public records and pay a fee (depending on the type of document you wish to get). The Attorney General of Texas explains the procedure involves in filing such a request.

Conducting a sex offender search

The state’s online registry allows you to identify former sex offenders by name or by address. Use this tool to make sure your family members stay away from these dangerous people.