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Database Update on April 20, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Warrant Search in Moore County Warrant Search in Moore County Guidelines for a warrant search in Moore County, Texas. Use this website's background check tool to inquire about people's the criminal history
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Conducting a Warrant Search in Moore County, Texas

Your reasoning for wanting to carry out a warrant search in Moore County can range from hiring a new babysitter to checking on the new neighbor next door. Luckily, the authorities allow the residents peace of mind by putting at their disposal an easily accessible and effective background check system. This system can be used to garner information on Moore County warrants and arrest records.

Obtaining information on Moore County arrests

A proper arrest search will be able to tell you whether an individual has ever been incarcerated. Keep in mind that it is plausible for a person to have been apprehended and released without a conviction.

Moore County arrest records can be obtained through the Sheriff's office. They would be happy to help you with your inquiry, provided you make a visit in person to their office. Call them (see below) to obtain information on what time you should arrive, or what days are best to carry out your inquiry.

Further, if you’re looking for a person's criminal history beyond Moore County, the state of Texas offers effective tools for a criminal record check. This website, managed by the TxDPS displays arrests taken place in the entire state. Signing up is required.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice also provides an online data bank which requires only a name for a full offender search. It exhibits the state's inmates and the prison facilities that house them.

Finding Moore County warrants

Arrest warrants are documents, validated by a judge, that call for the incarceration of an individual. Despite popular belief, they do not indicate guilt. Instead, they only allow the police to confront an individual who is suspected of a crime.

Any warrant inquiry should be conducted via the county sheriff located at 700 S Bliss Ave, Dumas, TX 79029. You may also call ahead at (806) 935-4145 to speak to an official about how exactly to proceed with your investigation. When you do make a trip to the sheriff office, remember to bring a government ID.

In most cases, you will be able to garner information about Moore County warrants from the sheriff stuff. They encourage cooperation with the public hoping it will help them locate fugitives and bring them to justice.

Finding Moore County court records

Court dockets detail an individual’s prosecutions and convictions. The county clerk’s office will help if you are looking for misdemeanor cases. Their phone number is (806) 935-2009.

The district clerk, (806) 935-4218, can help you search for felony records. The state of Texas requires its residents to file a written request for viewing case records.

The website of the Texas Judicial Branch will inform you of all of the things needed to file your request. Further, the Attorney General website will allow you to see an exhausted list of things that must be included in your request. You will also be given a sense of timeline, what you can expect from the government, and what they will expect from you. Whether the government chooses to grant or deny your request, you will be notified promptly. If, for some reason, information is withheld, you are entitled to know exactly why.

Sex Offenders Search

The TxDPS provides a website to search for registered sex offenders. This tool will allow you to see the name of all registrants in your county, with either a zip code or an address. You can also search for specific offenders by name.

Lastly, this website puts at your disposal a highly effective background check tool you can use to inquire about the criminal history of any person living in Texas. The information you will get covers Moore County warrants, arrest records, sex offenders and dockets issued by the court.