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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Warrant Search in Gonzales County, Texas Warrant Search in Gonzales County, Texas How to do a warrant search in Gonzales County, Texas. Obtain detailed reports to help you assess whether people you are checking have a criminal history
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How to Perform a Warrant Search in Gonzales County, Texas

Initiating a warrant search in Gonzales County is a relatively easy process because the information is treated as public records. The following guide outlines the steps required to learn more about someone’s criminal history, including past or present warrants, arrests or convictions.

Making a Warrant Inquiry in Gonzales County

To complete a warrant check, you are required to show up at the sheriff office and review their database containing the county's wanted persons. The sheriff is located at 1713 Sarah DeWitt Drive Gonzales, Texas 78629. Telephone: 830-672-6524. It will be wise to set an appointment prior to arrival at their office.

For your information, the sheriff is usually willing to share information with the public regarding Gonzales County warrants. This is out of public safety considerations, and also because he believes that cooperation with the public will assist him in solving crimes. However, information involving open cases under active investigation and juvenile records will most likely not be revealed.

Conducting an Arrest Search in Gonzales County

Gonzales County arrest records will indicate whether someone has been arrested in connection to a warrant or a crime. The county does not offer an electronic jail roster. So searchers are advised to contact the local jail via the sheriff office (see contact information above).

You also have two other options for performing a wider Texas offender search. The first is to utilize the database provided by TxDPS.  This tool will allow you to view arrest for violations greater than a Class B misdemeanor in the whole state.

Otherwise, you may choose to refer to the Texas offender search tool found on the TDCJ's website. All that is required is the subject’s name, a TDCJ number or a SID number to perform the inquiry.

Accessing Gonzales County Court Records

Court dockets include paperwork filed by the country and district court that will indicate whether a person was convicted of a crime for which he/she was incarcerated. Gonzales County is home to the 25th District Court and the 2nd 25th District Court.

Accessing court documents for these courts and the county courts requires a public information request. The request for the criminal record check should be mailed to the district clerk at 414 St. Joseph Street, Suite 300, Gonzales, TX 68629. For more information on requesting public information and what to do if you think information is being withheld from you, visit the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Searching the Texas Sex Offender List

To find registered sex offenders, just enter the correct name and location of the subject of the inquiry into the TxDPS computerized data bank. Checks can be performed based on the subject's address or name.

This website puts at your disposal an efficient background check tool for carrying out a Gonzales County warrant check and finding arrest records. You will get accurate reports that will help you determine whether the person you are inquiring about has a criminal history. Searchers' anonymity is strictly maintained.