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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Warrant Search in DeWitt County Warrant Search in DeWitt County Carry out a warrant search in Dewitt County, TX. With this website's search toll, you'll be able to obtain criminal history reports on any person you want
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Performing a Warrant Search in DeWitt County, Texas

Using your ability to perform a warrant search in Dewitt County is an efficient way to verify whether a person has a criminal history. This kind of information is considered public records and thus is available for inspection. You are advised to read the following lines in order to learn how to run a complete background check in the county and the State of Texas.

Getting Started with a Warrant Search

Those wanting to initiate a  DeWitt County warrant search are required to submit a record request on the sheriff’s website. It is important to fill in your personal information, including first and last name, address and contact information.

The required information for performing the search includes a description of the incident, the date of the incident, a case number if available and the name of the person you are searching for. The form can be submitted electronically here on the DeWitt County sheriff’s website. You can also download and print the form and then email it to:

Beginning an Arrest Inquiry in DeWitt County

The DeWitt County sheriff’s department allows users to search for current inmates or previously arrested persons online through the county jail database. To look through arrest records, select the correct option for “current inmate” or “previously arrested.” Then, type in the person’s name. The database does not require a full name which means that a first or last name is fine.

If you’re looking for an inmate, you have the option to view the complete list of inmates. You can also search by charge. The county offers a complete list of charges to look through. You’re also allowed to search the database by intake date.

Alternative Sources for a Criminal Records Search

A Texas offender search can also be completed using two other tools. The inquiry tool featured on the TXDPS website will allow you to search through all Texas arrests above a Class B misdemeanor. Performing one search costs 24 dollars. The other option for statewide searches is using the TDCJ website. You need both the TDCJ or SID number and a name to use the record locator.

DeWitt County Court Records

Court records are different from arrest records. These documents tell you whether the person arrested was prosecuted or convicted of a crime. The DeWitt County district clerk takes care of the documents for the 24th, 135th and 267th district courts. To request public court documents, contact Tabeth Gardner at or in writing at P.O. Box 845, Cuero, Texas 77954.

Searching for Registered Sex Offenders

The TxDPS search engine can also be used to perform a sex offender search. Enter the name of enquiry or their location to access the sex offenders list.