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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Van-Zandt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Van-Zandt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Perform a Van-Zandt County arrest records and warrant search, TX. Run a background check on people involved in your life. Protect yourself and your family
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Van-Zandt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

It is important to be aware of your legal rights. Unless you are caught while committing an offense, police cannot take you into custody. They have to be equipped with an arrest warrant authorized by a judge. To find out whether a Van-Zandt County warrant has been issued against you (or someone that you know), drop by the sheriff office and ask them to check their criminal archives (They can be found at 1220 West Dallas St. Canton Texas, 75103 and contacted at 903-567-4133).

Of course, if it is shown that you are a wanted person, they will not hesitate to put you behind bars. That is why, we recommend online sources. They may save you time and offer you a safer search option. The inquiry tool annexed to this article was built to enable users to carry out a criminal background check by typing the subject's name. Data is extracted from comprehensive public and governmental sources, so it is highly accurate. Needless to say, your confidentiality is 100 percent guaranteed.

Initiating an arrest search

To find Van-Zandt County arrest records, use this official electronic inmate listing. The detainee's name is all you need.

For a statewide inmate search, use the computerized inquiry option provided by the TDCJ. To check whether a person has been incarcerated and prosecuted in Texas, we recommend the online criminal search maintained by the TxDPS. It has, however, two noticeable disadvantages: 1) it will not show data related to offenses less severe than Class B misdemeanor. 2) To make use of this service, you will be obligated to open an account and disclose some of your personal details (such as your address).

How can you access court dockets?

To get Van-Zandt County court records (whether civil or criminal), you need to contact the county clerk (Telephone number: 903-567-6503) or the district clerk (Telephone number: 903-567-6576) and send them a FOIA request on mail.

They are obligated to disclose legal documents (unless sealed by a specific court order), but it will take them up to 10 days to deliver you the materials and a fee may also be included. Their address is 121 E. Dallas St., Canton TX, 75103.

In case you want to read more details on how to file a FOIA request, visit the Texas General Attorney website.

Crime rates

In 2013, the county's law authorities apprehended 222 people. From a statistical point of view, crime rate was estimated at 1,824.2 offenses for 100,000 people with a total number of 959 crimes. Two people were murdered. Luckily, there were no rape cases that year, but 3 people were robbed and 89 were assaulted.