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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Uvalde County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Uvalde County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to perform a Uvalde County arrest records and warrant search, TX. Use this website's online inquiry tool to run a background check on people you know
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Uvalde County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Uvalde County arrest warrants can be found at the sheriff office. Searchers will need to drop by the office (339 King Fischer Ln Uvalde, Texas 78801-4797) and garner information from police databases. For further instructions, you can reach the sheriff's stuff at 830-278-4111.

To perform a Uvalde County arrest records search, you will need to turn to the county jail. They can be reached via the sheriff office. The jail administration can provide you with information regarding who is in custody at present as well as older arrest records related to former inmates. This should not be a too complicated search taking into account the small number of people who were incarcerated in the last couple of years. For example – in 2013, all in all, 180 people were taken into custody.

Additional sources for a broader background check

There are efficient online sources you could use to inquire about Uvalde County arrest records. You should start with the computerized criminal search tool provided by the TxDPS. It shows a person criminal history (past arrests and prosecutions) for offenses greater than Misdemeanor B that were committed in the entire state. The major flaw of this database is that searchers need an active account to use it. Fees are included as well.

The TDCJ enables users to run a Texas inmate search on its website. Information encompasses all of the state's correctional facilities.

Finally, this website gives you access to a searchable database through which you can trace the subject's criminal history (including Uvalde County warrants plus jail and criminal records). The information presented is highly reliable and comprehensive. Searchers' confidentiality is fully observed.

Obtaining court dockets

One should bear in mind that arrest records do not include a person's prior convictions. To find this kind of information, it is necessary to obtain Uvalde County court records.

We recommend turning to the county clerk (830-278-6614) or the district clerk (830-278-3918). Both these offices process documents issued by the court. However the former focuses on misdemeanor files; the latter handles more severe felony crimes.

The information is not delivered automatically. A request to view public records must be summited in person or by mail. We strongly suggest reading the regulations related to this procedure at the website of the Texas Attorney General here.

Crime statistics

Data from 2013 reveal that 1,262 crimes occurred in the county: 1 murder, 7 rapes, 9 robberies, 103 assaults, 208 burglaries, 907 larceny cases and 27 car thefts. On average, 4,680.3 offenses were counted per 100,000 residents.