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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Upshur County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Upshur County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Follow these guidelines for a Upshur County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. Run a background check on people around you. Get accurate results
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Upshur County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Like any other county in Texas, Upshur County arrest warrants empower any peace keeper to apprehend a suspect for investigation which may lead to criminal indictment. Only a judge can sign a warrant and make it active and he will do so if there is enough evidence that justifies denying a person's freedom.

Conducting an Upshur County warrant search

The best advice this article can give you is to find out as soon as you can whether you are wanted by the police. The last thing you want is to be incarcerated all of a sudden while you are at work, spending time with friends or even in your own house.

The sheriff office keeps records of all the criminal activity that has taken place in the county. Since they do not offer an online search option, searchers are required to physically arrive at their office (405 North Titus, Gilmer, TX 75644. Phone number: 903-843-2541) and carry out a warrant inquiry.

The problem with this direct approach is that if you are wanted for a crime you have committed in the past, you may end up in the county jail. Therefore, send someone you trust to do the inquiry for you or look for an online criminal database that is available to the public.

The search option offered by this website can help you undertake a background check on yourself or on other people in Texas. Data is taken from multiple governmental and public sources. Accuracy and confidentiality are promised.

How to perform an arrest search

Upshur County arrest records can be obtained by using the county jail's online inmate locator. Searchers are asked to fill in the defendant's full name (filling in the date on which the defendant was incarcerated and his or her date of birth may narrow the search and make it more accurate). It is possible to look for those who are currently confined and those who have been released. Results include the following: Inmate's name and age, the law enforcement agency which apprehended him or her, type of charge and booking and release date.

For a more comprehensive inquiry, consider using the following online databases:

  • The TxDPS online crime records will show you a person's prior arrests and prosecutions all over the state. To perform a search, users need to sign up and open an account. Minor offenses are not included in the database.
  • For a Texas inmate search, use the TDCJ's electronic inquiry tool. The detainee's name will suffice to obtain jail records from all over the state.

Obtaining court dockets

Upshur county court records reveal a person's prior convictions. Felony records should be searched at the district clerk office (phone number: 903-843-5031) while misdemeanor records can be extracted from the county clerk office (phone number: 903-843-4015).

No matter the type of record you are seeking, state's law requires filing a FOIA request and paying a fee. For further details, contact the relevant office or consult the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Crime data

937 crimes were investigated by the county's law enforcement agencies in 2013. 66 were violent crimes and the rest were property crimes. Statistically, offense rate was 2,552.9 per 100,000 residents. 146 suspects were incarcerated in that year.