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Database Update on December 04, 2023

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Undertaking a Starr County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Undertaking a Starr County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Guidelines for a Starr County arrest records and warrant search, TX. Carry out a background check on people in Texas using this website's inquiry tool
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Undertaking a Starr County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Starr County warrants enable a police officer to take a suspect into custody even if he is not caught while committing a crime. Practically speaking, the suspect may be detained anytime and anywhere. For this reason, you are advised to check whether you are wanted for an offense you might have committed in the past. To initiate a Starr County warrant search, go to the sheriff office. They store criminal data that come from all of the county's law enforcement agencies. Their main office is at 102 E. 6th St. Rio Grande City, Texas 78582. Their phone number for queries is 956-487-5571.

Bear in mind that if the search reveals that an outstanding warrant on your name appears in the sheriff's databases, you will be incarcerated on the spot. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary risks, send someone to do the inquiry on your behalf or look for the information on the Internet.

A recommended online source is the search box attached to this article. It will enable you to undertake a thorough criminal background check on each of Texas residents (All you have to do is fill in a person's full name). The data are regularly updated to promise accuracy. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Performing an arrest search

Since the sheriff office does not offer online resources, the best available option is to make contact with Starr County Jail. Dial 956-487-4552 or visit them at 100 E 6th St. Rio Grande City, TX 78582.

If you insist on finding information on the Internet, use the website of TDCJ. They manage an electronic database that will enable you to undertake an inmate search that covers the entire state.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will also assist you in tracing Starr County arrest records by referring you to its computerized search form. Using it, you will be able to see the state's arrests and prosecutions for crimes considered more severe than Class B misdemeanor.

Finding criminal records

Starr County court records display a person's history of convictions and so they are necessary to trace criminal records. Obtaining them requires some effort and patience because you will need to send a FOIA request via mail to either the county clerk (for reports on misdemeanor offenses) or to the district clerk (for reports on felony offenses).

Both offices can be found at 401 N. Britton Avenue, Rio Grande City, TX 78582. It may take the authorities up to 10 business days to respond to your FOIA request. The Attorney General of Texas will provide you with further details.

Crime data

Official reports reveal quite a grim picture in term of crime rates in the county: 1,176 reported offenses in 2013 that consist of 1 murder, 5 rapes, 22 robberies, 167 assaults, 231 burglaries, 643 larceny incidents, and 107 auto thefts (On average we are talking about 1,896 offenses per 100,000 residents). The number of people that were incarcerated reached 175.