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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Undertaking a Rusk County Warrant and Arrest Search Undertaking a Rusk County Warrant and Arrest Search Use these guidelines for a Rusk County warrant and arrest search, Texas. Find out if someone you know has a criminal history with this background check tool
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Undertaking a Rusk County Warrant and Arrest Search

To trace Rusk County arrest records, we suggest starting your inquiry by contacting the jail division at the sheriff office (903-655-3000). When calling them, it will be helpful to have as many details as possible on the person you are searching: the detainee's full name, when and where he or she was incarcerated and the type of offense that led to the arrest. They will most likely be able to provide you with bail information as well.

If you are not satisfied with the information you will get, you can utilize two additional online sources:

  • The TDCJ's computerized inmate search tool will give you data on all arrestees held in TX correctional facilities.
  • The TxDPS puts at your disposal a highly efficient electronic search tool from which you can learn about a person's arrest history in the entire state. Only violations more severe than Class B misdemeanor will be presented.

Initiating a Rusk County warrant search

The best place to locate Rusk County outstanding warrants is the criminal archive managed by the sheriff office. You will have to arrive there in person (They can be found at 210 Charlevoix Avenue, Henderson, Texas 75652).

A word of caution is in place – if you are wanted for a crime you have committed in the past, a visit to the sheriff office will end at the county jail.

If this might be the case, a safer online inquiry is recommended. The search form added to this page will enable you to undertake a comprehensive criminal background check on each of Texas residents. Results are accurate and updated. Using this service will not compromise your confidentiality.

How can you find court dockets?

Rusk County court records will be able to tell you whether a person you are familiar with has a history of convictions. Texas Public Information Act stipulates that any person can view official legal documents, but to do that, a formal FOIA request must be sent to the county clerk (115 North Main, Suite 206, P.O. Box 758) for information on misdemeanor cases and to the district clerk (115 North Main Street., Ste 301, Henderson, TX 75652) for information on felony records.

You may also submit your request in person by physically arriving at these offices. For additional details, visit the web page of the Attorney General of Texas.

Crime statistics

Rusk is a relatively small county with approximately 54,000 people. In 2013 it suffered from 1,691 crimes (an average crime rate of 3,272.6 per 100,000 people). Violent crimes included 2 homicide cases, 12 rapes, 15 robberies, and 168 assaults. 208 suspects were taken into custody.