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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Undertaking a Guadalupe County Criminal Background Check Undertaking a Guadalupe County Criminal Background Check How to do a Guadalupe County Criminal Background Check, TX. With this website's search service, you can conduct a background check on people living in Texas
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Undertaking a Guadalupe County Criminal Background Check

Guadalupe County court records may indicate whether a person has a criminal history. To find these records you should carry out a case search. The county clerk may help you with information on misdemeanor prosecutions. Their address is 211 W. Court Street, Seguin, Texas 78155. The phone number of the department that deals with criminal cases is 830-303-8861.

When it comes to felony offenses, the best place to inquire about a person's past is the district clerk. They can be found at 211 West Court Street, Suite 209, Seguin, Texas 78155. To reach the department that deals with felony court collections, dial 830-303-8875.

You can save a lot of time by using the online criminal case search the county puts at your disposal. This highly efficient electronic database also shows civil records.

Finding out whether a person is wanted by the police

Although Guadalupe County outstanding warrants do not indicate guilt, they can definitely lead to a person's arrest. Thus, it will be wise check whether you or someone you know has some unresolved matters with the law. To undertake a Guadalupe County warrant search, contact the sheriff office. You can reach their Warrant Division directly by dialing (830)379-1224.

Initiating a Guadalupe County arrest records search

To view incarceration reports, you will need to file an open records request and send it to the sheriff office either by fax (830-372-1000) or by mail (2617 N. Guadalupe St. Seguin, Texas 78155). Requests require up to ten days to be processed. You will be asked to pay a fee of 5 dollars per report. Go here to download a request form.

You can also carry out an arrest search by referring to the computerized criminal database maintained by the Texas Department of Law Enforcement. It will show all instances in which a person was incarcerated or prosecuted by any law enforcement agency or court house in the state. Class C misdemeanor violations will not be displayed.

For an inmate search that covers TX correctional facilities, use the electronic offender inquiry tool operated by the TDCJ. You will need to fill in an arrestee's full name. Filling in TDCJ number and SID number as well will bring more accurate results.

As you can see, investigating about a person's background can be a time consuming process which will require turning to more than one agency. To save you the bother, we advise using the search file on this page. It will give you elaborate, accurate and updated criminal information on any person living in Texas. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Crime statistics

2776 offenses were reported in Guadalupe County in 2013. Gladly, this is a relatively low number as it statistically indicates no more than 2090.2 crimes per 100000 residents. Police files reveal that during that year, there was 1 murder in the county as well as 57 rapes, 36 robberies and 136 assaults. 492 suspects were apprehended by the county's police officers.