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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Tyler County Warrant Search Tyler County Warrant Search Full guidelines for a Tyler County warrant search, Texas. Obtain copies of arrest records and court dockets. View a person's complete criminal background
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A Guide to Performing a Tyler County Warrant Search

A Tyler County warrant search can be completed quite easily. You just need to access the right sources. This article will illustrate step by step what you ought to do to trace a person's criminal history, including his / her prior arrests and convictions in court.

Where and how you can carry out a warrant Inquiry

You will not be able to find a governmental electronic data bank that will help you perform a Tyler County warrant search. Searchers need to arrive at the sheriff office and conduct an offline investigation. Their address is 702 N. Magnolia. Woodville, Texas 75979. You can call them at 409-283-2172. In most of the cases, the stuff at the sheriff office will have no problem presenting the county's wanted people, unless minors are involved. Criminal records involving juveniles may not be accessible to the public.

Practical tips for an arrest search

You may try to make contact with the local jail in order to trace current inmates. It can be reached via the sheriff office. Regarding former inmates, it might be more problematic since the jail does not offer a search service.

Alternatively, you can expand your inquiry to include Texas arrest warrants. If that is what you choose, there are two recommended official data banks on the Internet:

  • The online data bank on the TXDPS website will allow you to see anyone in the state who has previously been incarcerated for any crime more severe than Class B misdemeanor.
  • TDCJ operates an online locator that unfolds names of inmates in the state's prisons.

Searching for Tyler County Court Records

Court records indicate whether a certain person was convicted of a crime, and thus has a criminal record. Texas Public Information Act gives you the right to view governmental documents, but you will have to submit an open records request. That can be done in two ways: 1) You can send the request via e-mail. You can find a link to an e-mail address + explanation on the process here. 2) There is an electronic form you can send after filling in all the necessary details.

Alternatively, you may visit the offices of the county clerk (100 W. Bluff, RM# 203. Woodville, TX. 75979. Phone no. 409-283-2281), or the district clerk (100 W. Bluff, RM# 203.Woodville, TX. 75979. Phone no. 409-283-2162) and purchase copies of court dockets. The former will help you with misdemeanor cases; the latter is in charge of felony offenses.

Lastly, you can refer to the 9th District Court’s online search engine to obtain documents, cases or opinions.

Checking the Texas Sex Offender List

It is possible to perform specific searches for finding registered sex offenders. Just enter a name and location into the TxDPS inquiry tool.

To conclude, you may refer to the inquiry tool on It will enable you to conduct a Tyler County warrant search, track a person's incarceration history and view court dockets. In fact, you will be able to view a person's complete criminal background. All data is updated. Your anonymity is promised.