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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Tracing Llano County Arrests Records Tracing Llano County Arrests Records Search for Llano County arrests records, Texas. Check a person's criminal background with this website's advanced online inquiry tool
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Tracing Llano County Arrests Records and Warrants, Texas

Llano County arrest records and criminal histories can be found easily through a variety of means. For the general public requiring background checks, for business or personal use – many sources are offered by the state and federal governments to complete the search.

Find out if the person you are checking has ever been in custody

Llano county arrest records can be found through two different means. Because the county does not offer a specific search engine, your investigation must be expanded to include Texas arrest records. Significantly, this website from the TDC, and this website from the TxDPS will both let you find an inmate or trace a person's incarceration history by typing his / her name.

Running a warrant Search

Arrest warrants do not indicate guilt, only suspicion that a crime was perpetrated. They must be signed by a judge to become legally binding. Llano County warrants will require an offline search through the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s address is 2001 North State, Hwy. 16, Suite A Llano, TX 78643, and you may contact them at 325-247-5050.

Guidelines for a case Search

When conducting a background check for criminal history, you can begin by looking at court records. They will show each time an individual appeared on trial.

Llano County court records can be obtained through the County Clerk and District Clerk. Use this website from the Texas General Attorney for guidelines on filing an FOIA request to see public records. Then, to obtain a misdemeanor record, refer to the County Clerk. To obtain a felony record, turn to the office of the District Clerk.

City of Llano records

A criminal record check can be conducted through resources of the City of Llano. Their website details instructions on how to obtain such records. Your search may take place in person at City Hall, or you may download and fill in a Public Information Request Form. Fees included.

Where to Look for Texas Sex Offenders

The state of Texas has an online tool to search for sex offenders all across the state. Your search may take place by name or neighborhood.