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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Tracing Hill County Warrants and Arrest Records Tracing Hill County Warrants and Arrest Records How to find Hill County warrants and arrest records, TX. Get criminal history reports on people that matter to you. Use this website's background check tool
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Tracing Hill County Warrants and Arrest Records

You have just met a new guy who invited you for a date. He seems really nice but appearances can often be deceiving. To guarantee your safety, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary background check to make sure the person with whom you are planning to spend some time alone does not have a criminal record for a sex offense or anything else. The article you are going to read will instruct you how to locate Hill County arrest records and outstanding warrants which may indicate that a person has a criminal history.

How to perform a Hill County arrest records search

By contacting the county jail (254-582-5313), you can inquire whether a specific person has ever been detained in their facility. Moreover, the Texas Department of Public Safety operates an online inquiry tool you can use to view a person's arrest history all over the state. The information comes from the sheriff offices in TX counties. As efficient as this service may be, you cannot use it without opening an account and disclosing some personal details.

If you are trying to find an inmate in the state's correctional system, we recommend performing a computerized Texas inmate search by using the TDCJ's database of offenders. Results will show you exactly in which facility the subject of your search is being held.

Guidelines for tracing Hill County warrants

The sheriff office stores data on all criminal activities that have been reported in the county. As you can guess, they are the best place to garner information on Hill County warrants. You can only conduct your inquiry by physically visiting at the sheriff office at 406 Hall St. Hillsboro, TX 76645.

 Most people prefer to look for information on their personal computer at home or at work or on their smartphone in their own free time. It can be done quite easily through the search box on this webpage. Typing a person's name and paying a very small fee of no more than a couple of dollars will provide you with accurate and updated reports showing a person's complete criminal history (including Hill County arrest records and warrants). You can limit your search to Texas or you may choose other US states. Searcher's identity is kept strictly confidential.

How to conduct a case search

To complete your inquiry, you will need to acquire copies of Hill County court records so as to view a person's prior convictions (if he or she has any). To do that, you can either use this website's search service or (choosing the hard way) file a request to see criminal public documents issued by the court. For misdemeanor cases turn to the county clerk (phone: 254-582-4030); for felony cases, contact the district court via the district clerk (phone: 254-582-4042).

Crime statistics

During 2014, police made 240 arrests in the county. 727 crimes were reported, of which 55 were violent (5 rapes, 10 robberies and 40 assaults. No murder was committed). Statistic calculations reveal that 2,077.1 offenses were committed for 100,000 people.