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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Research Someone’s Background in Fayette County, TX Research Someone’s Background in Fayette County, TX Perform a background check in Fayette County, Texas. Use this website inquiry tool to find information on a person's criminal history, warrants & arrests
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Research Someone’s Background in Fayette County, TX

You might be under the misapprehension that conducting a background check is a difficult task, or that it is one which can only be carried out by people in positions of authority.  Thankfully, this isn’t the case.  It is relatively simple to investigate someone’s past; it requires a bit of knowledge regarding how to access Fayette County arrest records or warrants.

Fayette County Arrest Records Search

Unfortunately, public records are not available online for this county.  Fayette County arrest records can, however, be accessed at the District Clerk’s office through the clerk’s computerized portal. To use it, you will have to visit their office at 151 N. Washington St., Rm. 102. La Grange, TX 78945. There you will be able to trace documents related to felony cases.

To find information about misdemeanor cases, contact the County Clerk.  It is located at 246 W. Colorado Street in La Grange, Texas.  You can also call them at (979) 968-3251.

Fayette County Warrant Search

Finding out whether someone is wanted by the police is vital when determining whether or not they are trustworthy.  To get information regarding Fayette County warrants, you’ll need to contact the Sheriff’s Office. The office address is 1646 North Jefferson, La Grange, TX, 78945.  You can also reach the office via telephone, by dialing (979) 968-5856.

Searching Records in the State of Texas

Of course, if someone’s criminal records aren’t located in Fayette, you can find out more information about them via the state's online criminal history search. To find out if someone has been arrested and convicted of crimes of a sexual nature, refer to the Texas sex offenders registry. And finally, if you’re looking to find out whether someone is currently in prison, you can perform a Texas inmate search using the TDCJ's electronic database.

Conclusion – why would you want to perform a background search?

There are plenty of justifiable reasons for investigating someone’s criminal background.  Perhaps your daughter has a new boyfriend whose past might be troubled, or you’re looking to hire a new employee to close your shop up at night.  Or maybe you’re interviewing a new babysitter or looking for a caregiver for your elderly parent.  These are all situations in which you need to be able to trust someone with great responsibility, and it’s important to verify whether or not that trust is well-deserved.

Crime Data

By far the most commonly committed offense in the county is larceny, with 235 incidents in 2014.  There were less than half as many burglaries –104, 16 offenses involving auto theft, 49 assaults, two robberies, and four murders.  Sadly, 11 women were sexually assaulted.