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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Performing a Criminal Background Check in Angelina County Performing a Criminal Background Check in Angelina County How to perform criminal background check in Angelina County, TX. Check if someone you know has a criminal history using this website's inquiry tool
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Performing a Criminal Background Check in Angelina County

People may carry out a background check on those with whom they come in contact on a regular basis not because they want to pry into others' private affairs, but because they want to avoid unnecessary risks. Nobody, for instance, wants to find out all of a sudden that the name of his kids' nanny appears on an outstanding warrant. What is more, these days it has become quite simple to garner criminal information.  The Texas Public Information Act enables the public to view most of the government's criminal records.

Finding Angelina County warrants

The sheriff office is where we advise you to go for the purpose of conducting an Angelina County warrant search. You can find their main office at 2311 E. Lufkin Ave. Lufkin, Texas 75902 or phone them at 936-634-3332. It is hard to believe that they will agree to give you details on the phone. They will most surely demand that you arrive at their office in person.

Please bear in mind that if you suspect there is an arrest order with your name on it, stay away from any direct contact with a law officer because you will be incarcerated. Ask someone you know and trust to do the inquiry for you.

You have another option – online databases

The search form on this page is connected to extensive private and governmental sources of information. It will reveal the full criminal history of the state's residents. The data is updated and accurate. The persons you will search will have no way of knowing about your inquiry which will be kept completely confidential.

Undertaking an Angelina County arrest search

For those interested in running an inmate search, the sheriff's website provides a jail roster that reveals the names of all people that are currently in custody.

The county also provides an online jail records search tool. You will have to type the defendant's full name, date of birth and preferably booking time and release to narrow the search.

Older arrest records can be recovered by using broader databases. For example, the TxDPS offers a computerized inquiry tool that shows criminal histories of all of those who were incarcerated or prosecuted for Class B misdemeanor or more severe offenses committed in Texas.

Guidelines for carrying out a case search

To trace Angelina County court records, you ought to contact two offices: the county clerk and the district clerk. Both process court dockets. However, the former focuses on misdemeanor offenses and prosecutions while the latter is responsible for felony cases. They are both located at the county's courthouse, 215 East Lufkin Avenue 1st. Floor Lufkin, TX. For an online inquiry, use the county's judicial web search. This tool will enable searchers to look for reports on cases that deal with criminal as well as civil issues.

Crime data

Governmental reports indicate that in 2013, 3,235 criminal cases were handled by the county's law enforcement authorities. That meant 3668 offenses per 100,000 residents. Violent crimes included 5 murders, 22 rapes, 35 robberies and 217 assaults. 750 people were incarcerated.