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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Performing a Coryell County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Performing a Coryell County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to carry out a Coryell County arrest records and warrant search. Check a person's criminal background using this website online inquiry tool
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Performing a Coryell County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

It is always recommended to check whether the people with whom you interact on a regular basis have a criminal record. Your personal security should come first. You do not want unpleasant surprises such as discovering out of the blue that the person you have been dating for the last couple of months is a former sex offender. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to find Coryell County warrants and arrest records.

Locating Wanted Persons

To undertake a Coryell County warrant search, you will need to physically arrive at the sheriff office and ask to go over their criminal databases. We recommend checking with their Warrant Division for updated information. Their address is 510 Leon Street, Gatesville, Texas 76528. (Phone number: 254-865-7201).

You should know that if your name comes up while going over the databases, you might be incarcerated (depending on the nature of the offense). For this reason, we recommend opting for a safer online inquiry. The search box on this page will allow you to check whether a person has a criminal history. It covers the whole state of Texas. It will show you detailed and updated reports while at the same time guarantee your confidentiality.

Running an arrest search

The main source for a Coryell County arrest recodes search is the jail roster on the sheriff's website which shows a list of current inmates. You can also turn to the county jail. This facility books more than 4000 people a year, so you can be sure the information they will give you is comprehensive. Their phone number for inquiries is 254-865-7201. They might refer you to the sheriff's record division; however, it is worthwhile trying to extract data from them directly.

If you are interested in recovering full arrest histories (for violations greater than Class B misdemeanor) of the state's residents, we suggest utilizing the computerized database operated by the TxDPS.

Finally, the offender information search operated by the TDCJ enables users to conduct an inmate search that encompasses all of Texas correctional facilities.

Finding court dockets

You should refer to the county clerk to trace Coryell County court records dealing with misdemeanor cases. Their address is 620 East Main Street, Gatesville, TX 76528. They can be reached by dialing 254-865-5911 (extension no. 2235).

If you are interested in finding official reports on felony cases, go to the same address and look for the district clerk.  You will most likely be asked to file a formal FOIA request to view public records. The website of the Attorney General of Texas explains exactly how to submit the request.