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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Pecos County arrest records Pecos County arrest records Use these guidelines to find Pecos County arrest record and warrants, TX. Carry out a background check on people involved in your life. Get accurate results
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Pecos County arrest records and warrant search, TX

Pecos County arrest records and warrants can be found by performing an offline inquiry since the authorities do not offer computerized databases. If you insist on an online background check, you will need to resort to sources that cover the entire state.

Carrying out a countywide arrest search

We suggest contacting the jail to inquire about a specific inmate. The facility (as well as the sheriff office) is located at 1774 N Hwy 285, Fort Stockton, Texas 79735, ph: 432-336-3521. You will most likely be able to get information on current detainees.

To find older inmate records, refer to broader statewide databases. The TxDPS manages a criminal history search which can be used to garner data on all arrests made in Texas for crimes more severe than class B misdemeanor. To perform an inmate lookup in the state’s prisons, use the TDCJ’s online offender search.

Finding Pecos County warrants

Contact the sheriff (See contact details above) if you wish to ask about the status of a particular person, especially whether he or she is wanted by the police. If you are inquiring about yourself, you should know that a visit to the sheriff office might end up in incarceration if it is discovered there is an outstanding warrant on your name.

Performing a case search

Pecos County court records shed light on a person’s prior convictions. Misdemeanor convictions are handled by the County Clerk. Felony cases are under the responsibility of the District Clerk. You should turn to one of them depending on the type of record you are seeking.

For your information, getting access to all types of Texas public records requires a FOIA request. The following webpage managed by the General Attorney explains how to file such a request.

Lastly, to run a sex offender search, utilize the state’s registry. Offenders can be traces by name, address or academic institution.