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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How to Find Parmer County Arrest Records and Warrants How to Find Parmer County Arrest Records and Warrants Search for Parmer County arrest records and warrants, Texas. Conduct a criminal background check on any person of interest to you.
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Useful Search Tip to Help You Find Parmer County Arrest Records

Parmer County arrest records can be traced online. The sheriff's website contains a name based inmate locator. Search results show current inmates in addition to their personal details, admit date and offense type and date. Bond information, along with details about the arresting and charging agencies, is also included.

Performing a wider arrest inquiry

Texas arrest records can also be searched online: 1) A statewide inmate search showing people serving time in prisons can be conducted on the website of the TDCJ. 2) To inquire about people who have been arrested in other counties after committing Class B misdemeanor or greater offenses, use the Criminal History Name Search maintained by the TxDPS.  This service is provided for a fee and demands registration.

Finding outstanding warrants

To obtain information on Parmer County warrants, you need to visit the sheriff office in person (300 4th St, Farwell, phone: 806-481-3303). Once you are there, ask about a specific person. For reasons of public safety, the sheriff will be willing to give you access to the list of wanted people his office stores, processes and updates.

Carrying out a criminal record check

The best way to discover if a person has a criminal record for offenses he has been convicted of in the past, you need to find Parmer County court records and that can be done at the office of the District Clerk (401 3rd St. Farwell, TX 79325. phone: 806- 481-3419). They will ask you to submit a request to view public records. The Attorney General of Texas explains this procedure.

A faster and highly efficient search option

Another much easier way to find Parmer County arrest records is to use the online inquiry tool on Enter the subject's name and you will obtain a report containing accurate and updated details about his criminal history. All searches remain anonymous. The fee for the report is very low.