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Texas Arrest Warrants
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Parker County Arrest Warrants and Records Parker County Arrest Warrants and Records If a criminal background check has revealed that there is a Parker County warrant wit
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Parker County Arrest Warrants and Records

If a criminal background check has revealed that there is a Parker County warrant with your name written on it, you had better find a lawyer without delay. That is because you will be apprehended as soon as you are spotted by a police officer. The best way to handle such a problem is to turn yourself in accompanied by your attorney.

Carrying out a Parker County warrant search

Go straightly to the sheriff office in order to examine their criminal data banks. They can be found at 129 Hogle St. Weatherford, Texas 76086 or contacted at 817-594-8845. If you are the subject of the inquiry, exercise caution since if you are wanted for a crime, visiting a police station may lead to your incarceration. So you had better opt for an online search. It is more comfortable, less time consuming and much safer. The search box on this webpage will connect you to large private and governmental data banks that present a person's full criminal history. Reliability, accuracy and confidentiality are promised.

Guidelines for an arrest search

Contact Parker county jail (817-594-4208) to see if anyone you know is currently in their custody. They might not want to reveal any information via the phone, but they will probably direct you to the county's online jail records inquiry. You will not need more than a full name to carry out a comprehensive Parker County arrest records search. The Texas Department of Public Safety also offers an online inquiry option that will show a person's history of arrests and prosecutions for crimes more serious than Class B misdemeanor. The information that is presented relates to the whole state. Lastly, to carry out an inmate search, use the TDCJ's offender database. You will see a list of people currently held in Texas jails and prisons.

Obtaining Parker County court records

To recover official court dockets, you will be required to submit a FOIA request. Here are some basic points you should be aware of:
  • Texas Freedom of Information Act obligates all governmental authorities to provide you with official information that is categorized as public.
  • Your request might take up to 10 business days to be fulfilled.
  • If it takes longer than 10 days, it means that your request may be problematic and so it will be sent to the Texas Office of the Attorney General for final ruling whether you are entitled to view the information (Records under investigation or records dealing with minors are not open to the public).
  • Your request should be delivered to the Public Information Officer at sheriff office either in person or via mail. Use the sheriff office's address that is mentioned above.
To save time and effort, you may opt for the county's computerized search. It will give you an online access to civil and criminal court reports.

Crime data

Parker County is relatively a safe place with only 1,927 crime incidents in the course of 2013. These incidents included 4 murders, 7 rapes, 3 robberies, 75 assaults, 442 burglaries, 1,285 larceny cases and 111 auto thefts. 438 people were detained by the police.