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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How to Search for Ochiltree County Warrants How to Search for Ochiltree County Warrants Find Ochiltree County warrants, Texas. Search for arrest records and carry out a criminal background check using this website's online inquiry tool
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The Simplest Way to Search for Ochiltree County Warrants and Arrest Records

Keeping yourself or your family safe is the most important thing. To do that, you will need to be able to check the criminal history of the people you engage with on a daily basis. They can be the man you are dating, the babysitter you consider hiring or a new employee. What you should find out is whether these people have an Ochiltree County warrant or an arrest record on their name.

To perform a warrant search contact the sheriff office (21 SE 6th Ave. Perryton, Texas 79070,phone: 806-435-8000). They can tell you if a certain individual is wanted for a crime.

The sheriff office is also a good place for a more comprehensive background check as they can convey information on arrest records and the county’s detainees.

Using the state's criminal data banks

The state operates a public database where you can extract information on Texas arrest records. The Criminal History Name Search of the TxDPS enables users to inquire about arrests, prosecutions and the disposition in all of TX counties. Be advised, minor offenses do not appear in the database and this services demands a fee.

With the TDCJ’s online offender search you are able to conduct a statewide inmate search. An inmate’s name is sufficient for getting results.

This website’s database enables you to inquire about Ochiltree County warrants as well as other criminal background dockets, such as jail records. Type an individual’s name and you will get results that encompass the entire state. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Carrying out a court records search

A person’s prior prosecutions and convictions are presented on Ochiltree County court records. The can be accessed by filing a FOIA request at the offices of the County Clerk and the District Clerk. The former deals with misdemeanor offenses and the latter with felonies.