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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Nacogdoches County Arrest Records and Warrant search Nacogdoches County Arrest Records and Warrant search Perform a Nacogdoches County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. Use this website's background check tool to reveal a person's criminal history
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Nacogdoches County Arrest Records and Warrant search

In order to find Nacogdoches County warrants and arrest records, you will have to conduct a full criminal background check. Fortunately this is not as difficult as it may seem. We would suggest starting at the sheriff office. Their criminal data banks will provide you with the means to initiate a warrant search. You ought to pay them a visit at 2306 Douglass Rd, Nacogdoches, Texas 75964. For further information, dial 936-560-7794.

The only problem that may arise as a result of directly approaching the sheriff is exposing yourself to legal sanctions, including an arrest, if it is found out that you are wanted by the police.

The Internet provides safer and efficient sources to find details on a person's criminal past. The search form attached to this article will provide you with comprehensive and updated criminal reports on people living in Texas. Your inquiry will remain confidential.

Initiating an arrest search

Nacogdoches County arrest records can be traced by using the electronic inquiry tool provided by the county jail website. Most of the results will include names of people who were incarcerated in the last 2 years.

Moreover, you have the option to utilize the TDCJ's inmate search tool. Results will be more comprehensive as they will include all of TX correctional facilities.

The Texas Department of Public Safety offers an excellent online search tool that exhibit a person history of arrests and prosecutions for Class B misdemeanor and more severe offenses.

Locating Nacogdoches County court records

To obtain court dockets, you ought to send an official FOIA request by mail to the relevant agency. For court reports on misdemeanor offenses, your address is the county clerk. For court reports regarding felony cases, your address is the district clerk. Both are located at 101 West Main Street. Nacogdoches, TX 75961. Be advised, your request might take 10 business days to be fulfilled. Records dealing with juveniles may not be accessible to the public.

Crime data

2013 was characterized by 1,981 crimes that were committed within the county's borders. 1 person was murdered, 8 women were raped, 32 people were robbed and 125 were assaulted. From a statistical point of view, 2,966.1 offenses were reported per 100,000 residents. Police detained 814 suspects.