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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Montgomery County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Montgomery County Warrant and Arrest Records Search How to do a Montgomery County warrant and arrest records search, TX. Use this website's background check service and get immediate and accurate results
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Montgomery County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

  Like any other TX county, a Montgomery County arrest warrant gives the police the authority to apprehend a person in case they suspect he had been involved in a crime. Such a warrant contains the suspect's name, a description of the crime he is suspected of and most importantly, the signature of a judge.

If the police are not able to arrest the suspect, the warrant carrying his name remains valid indefinitely as an outstanding warrant. This is why it is recommended to handle any problem you might have with the police and to hire a good criminal lawyer if the need arises.

Carrying out a warrant inquiry

To undertake a Montgomery County warrant search, you had better turn to the Criminal Warrant Division in the sheriff office. The County and District Courts deliver to them all the warrants issued in the county for execution and maintenance. Their address is:

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Warrant Division #1 Criminal Justice Drive Conroe, TX 77301 Phone numbers: 936-760-5884; 281-364-4200 extension 5884 Fax no. 936-760-5834

You can also obtain an offense report by filing an open records request form that can be downloaded here. You will have to include a case number, type of incident, date of occurrence and location. Take into account that some requests may need the approval of the Texas Attorney General and this may take up to 60 business days.

Doing an arrest search

The sheriff office offers an electronic tool for the purpose of conducting a Montgomery County arrest records search. However, results will include only recent arrests. So for a more detailed report, we advise utilizing the Criminal History System that is operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Your inquiry results will relate to the whole state and they will include arrest histories for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor. You will be asked to register for the service (which will include disclosing some personal details).

Montgomery Court Records

The county provides an online case search tool to help you trace all sorts of court records, civil and criminal. For additional records inquiry, you can get in touch with the district court office. Their mailing address is P. O. Box 2985, Conroe, TX 77305. Their phone number is 936-539-7855.

For misdemeanor records, we advise visiting the county clerk. Their main office is located at 210 West Davis (Hwy 105), Conroe, Texas  77301 (Tel. 936-539-7885). Their webpage gives addresses of additional offices.

Finally, there is another online search option. If you want to save plenty of time by finding the information you require in one place, use the search box above this article. It will enable you to conduct a full background check on any person residing in Texas. Your search will be fully confidential.

Crime Statistics

According to data disclosed by the TxDPS, in 2013, 9383 crimes occurred in the county. On average, that amounted to 1908 offenses per 100000 residents. The number of murder cases was 6 in addition to 20 rapes, 505 assaults, 2184 burglaries, 603 auto thefts, 188 robberies and 5877 larceny events. Police forces carried out 1456 arrests throughout the year.