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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Maverick County Warrant and Arrest Search Maverick County Warrant and Arrest Search The most efficient way to carry out a Maverick County warrant and arrest search, Texas. Check a person's criminal background using this website search tool
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Maverick County Warrant and Arrest Search

To obtain Maverick County arrest records, refer to the county jail. There are two phone numbers you can use: 830-752-6500 or 830-752-2321. Their address is 742 Highway 131, Eagle Pass, Texas 78852.

The county does not have any online search tool available, so we recommend referring to two statewide  electronic data banks:

  • The TxDPS manages an online database that presents a person's arrest history for all offenses he has been charged with in the state apart from Class C misdemeanor.
  • The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an inmate search tool that derives its data from all of the correctional facilities scattered across the state.

Performing a warrant inquiry

The natural place to carry out a Maverick County warrant search is the sheriff department. Visit them at 1051 Balboa Jones Memorial, Eagle Pass, TX 78852 or call them at 830-773-2321. Generally speaking, the sheriff is more than willing to share information with the public hoping to get details regarding the whereabouts of suspects.

If you are seeking online sources, the search tool attached to this article provides you with the means to conduct a thorough criminal background check on any of the people living in the state. You do not need more than the subject's full name. Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Maverick County court records

Texas Public information act allows you access to governmental legal documents. To obtain court dockets, you must file a FOIA request and deliver it in person or via mail to either the county clerk office (if you are seeking information on misdemeanor cases) or to the district clerk office (if you are interested in reports on felony offenses). Their address is 500 Quarry St. Eagle Pass, TX 78852.

For a thorough explanation on how to file such a request, we suggest either phoning them (county clerk: 830-773-2829, district clerk: 830-773-2629) or turning to the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Crime Data

Official reports from 2013 reveal that 1,410 crimes occurred in the county (statistically that meant 2522.5 offenses for 100,000 people). Law enforcement agencies dealt with 2 murders, 5 rapes, 6 robberies, 85 assaults,  308 burglaries, 982 larceny cases, and 22 car thefts. 294 people were taken into custody in the course of the year.