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Texas Arrest Warrants
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Matagorda County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Matagorda County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Carry out a Matagorda County warrant and arrest records search, Texas. Use an accurate background check tool. Get updated background information
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Matagorda County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

Obtaining Texas county records should not be too difficult as long as you know where to search for them.  There are a couple of good sources you should use to trace Matagorda County warrants and arrest records. This article will show you these sources and thus help you perform a background check on anyone you may choose (a neighbor that just moved in to your neighborhood, your kids' potential nanny, an employee, the person you are dating, etc.)

Conducting a Matagorda County warrant search

To find out whether a certain person is wanted by the police for a crime he or she has allegedly committed, arrive at the sheriff office (2308 Avenue F, Bay City, TX 77414 telephone: 979-245-5526). They do not provide an online inquiry tool, so you will need to search for files the old fashioned way – physically going over their archives.

The main benefit of this type of inquiry is that it is thorough and accurate: the sheriff stores criminal data from the entire county. The disadvantage is that by going to the sheriff office you risk getting arrested if the search reveals that there is an outstanding warrant against you in the system. You can attempt to obtain the information on the phone, but they are most likely going to demand your presence at the office to perform the inquiry. You can send a third person to investigate for you, but he /she has to be someone you trust completely.

Carrying out an arrest search

We recommend contacting the county jail at 979-241-3275 to check if the subject of your inquiry populates their facility.

You can initiate a Texas inmate search by visiting the TDJC's online database at

It is also possible to carry out Matagorda County arrest records search by referring to the computerized inquiry tool managed by the TxDPS. It exhibits a person's arrest history for virtually all types of offenses (apart from minor ones) he or she has committed. To start using this service, you must sign up and disclose some of your personal details.

Matagorda County court records

Formal dockets issued by the court reveal a person's prior prosecutions and convictions. These dockets are traceable by referring to two county's offices: The county clerk (for misdemeanor offenses) and the district clerk (for felony offenses). The former can be reached at 979-244-7680; the latter can be reached at 979-244-7621.

Be advised, to obtain criminal court records (as well as civil records), the searcher has to file a formal request in person or through mail. It may take the authorities 10 business days to respond. To learn how to do it, visit the website of Texas Attorney General at:

Juvenile court records are the most difficult to obtain. By default, they are kept confidential. However, in certain cases, it is possible to receive a copy (especially if the case is not active). You will be asked to download and fill in a special request form.

Another viable source of information: If you wish to do a full criminal background check using one source only, utilize the search box attached to this article. Results accurately exhibit the subject's complete criminal history (including Matagorda warrants, arrest records, criminal court dockets and more). Your search will remain fully confidential.

Crime statistics

In the year 2013, 1,264 crimes occurred in the county. 118 were violent (1 murder, 14 rapes, 13 robberies and 90 assaults). The rest of the crimes were related to property. Statistics published by the TxDPS indicate a rate of 3,449.9 crimes for 100,000 residents. Police apprehended 343 people.