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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Lubbock County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Lubbock County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Perform a Lubbock County warrant and arrest records search, TX. Discover if people you know have a criminal history using an accurate background check tool
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Lubbock County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

You should not confuse Lubbock County arrest records with criminal records. The former indicates a person's history of arrests but not necessarily convictions, i.e. a person may be arrested many times and still be innocent.

Criminal records, on the other hand, mean that a person was convicted of a crime whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony.

Lubbock County warrants are also not an indication of guilt. They signify that the police have a probable cause to assume that a person has committed an offense, and thus he is wanted for questioning. Of course, if it is established that there is enough evidence pointing to the suspect's direct involvement in a crime, the District Attorney may decide to press charges and the suspect will stand trial.

Finding criminal information

Under Texas Public Information Act you are entitled to view governmental civil and criminal records. You have a few options:

1) Go to the sheriff office and ask for access to their databases. You will be able to view the county's outstanding warrants and arrest reports. But be careful, if your inquiry reveals that you are wanted by the police, you will be incarcerated. The telephone number of the warrant division is 806-775-1493. The sheriff's address is 811 Main Street, Lubbock, Texas 79401.

2)To carry out a Lubbock County arrest records search, contact the detention center at 806-775-7009, or pay them a visit. They are located at North Holly Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79403. Moreover, the sheriff's website displays lists that include all of those that were arrested and released today and yesterday. For further details, go here.

3) There are two additional governmental databases you should check. The first is managed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It is an offender information webpage that will allow you to perform an inmate search to locate those who are held in the state's correctional facilities at present. The second is a search service offered to the public by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It is a Criminal History System which will display a person's arrest history.

4) Lastly, you may choose to use the search tool on this website (on the right bar). Search result will show you a person's criminal history plus civil public records related to him/her. Your confidentiality will not be compromised.

Lubbock County court records

To find court documents and to initiate a case search, go to the district clerk and the county clerk. The former is in charge of felony records while the latter stores court records related to misdemeanor offenses. They both have the same address: 904 Broadway. Lubbock, TX 79408.

Crime Rates

14762 offenses were committed in the county in the course of 2013. That amounted to 5123.6 crimes per 100000 residents. The serious crimes included 9 murders, 116 rapes and 1481 assaults. The number of arrests police made reached 2879.