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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Locating Criminal Histories for Loving County Locating Criminal Histories for Loving County How to run a background check on people living in Loving County, TX. Use an advanced online tool to do a warrant and arrest search in all of Texas
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Locating Criminal Histories for Loving County

Most people want to trust other people, but sometimes it’s still best to be safe rather than find out the hard way later on.  Whether hiring someone new or just wanting to be sure about that new guy your daughter is dating, there’s nothing wrong with being thorough to avoid serious problems later on.  This article will help with locating Loving County warrants and arrest records. There are several different ways to go about checking on a person’s criminal records or see if he has any pending or previous court cases.  Each of these searches is covered in the sections below.

Loving County Warrant Searches

In some jurisdictions locating warrants is as simple as conducting a Google search on the internet.  However, with this county, the search must be conducted either over the telephone or in person.  For searches in person, visit the Loving County Sheriff’s Department at 100 Bell Street, Mentone, TX 79754.  To conduct your search over the telephone, call (432) 377-2411.  Keep in mind that if you have anything outstanding, it may be in your best interests to run your search over the telephone.

Conducting a Loving County Arrest Search

Information on arrests is also logged with the local Sheriff’s Department which typically administrates the county jail.  Due to the small nature of Loving County (an estimated population of 82) it does not appear to have a separate address or telephone number for the jail.  See the paragraph above for the Sheriff Department’s contact information.  To access this information online you can also visit the Computerized Criminal History System operated by the TxDPS. Its data bank encompasses the entire state.

Loving County Court Records

Information on current and previous court cases should be available with the County Clerk.  Some jurisidictions post their databases online, but the small size of this county makes that unnecessary and impractical in this case.  To contact the clerk for assistance in looking up court dockets you can either call Beverly Hanson at (432) 377-2441 or go to the courthouse which is located at: 100 Bell Street, Mentone, TX 79754.  

Crime Statistics

During 2013, there were only 10 total offenses in the entire county.  Those offenses included 3 assaults, 1 burglary, and 6 larcenies.  However, of those 10 offenses, only one resulted in an incarceration.  The good news is that overall, it is not a high crime area.