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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Find Live Oak County Court Records Find Live Oak County Court Records Where and how you can search for Oak County court records, TX. Find arrest records and warrants issued against any person in Texas
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How Can Live Oak County Court Records Help You Carry out a Background Check

In order to check if someone you know (your employee, the one you started dating, your kids’ nanny, etc.) has been convicted of a crime, you need to go over Oak County court records. Luckily they can be recovered with the help of the County Clerk (for misdemeanor offenses) or the District Clerk (for cases dealing with felony crimes). Their phone numbers are 361-449-2733 and 361-449-2992 respectively, and they are located at 301 Houston St, George West, Texas 78022.

You just need to arrive at their office during work hours and request the records. The Texas Public Information Act allows you almost unlimited access to public records stored by the government.

Carrying out an arrest search

To track a person’s incarceration history, contact the sheriff office(phone: 361-449-2271). They can also provide you with information on wanted people and on arrest warrants issued in the county.

Much like Live Oak County court records, warrant information is available to the public. It is in the sheriff’s best interests to cooperate with the public, especially when it comes to fugitives, as he hopes to get tips that will help him and his staff in their criminal investigations.

Expanding your inquiry – finding Texas arrest records

There are broader databases that will help you search for inmates in the entire state:

  • The TxDPS offers a computerized name searched with which you can see arrests made statewide for Class B misdemeanor or more serious crimes. This service comes with a fee.
  • operates a state-of-the-art inquiry tool allowing you to track a person’s criminal history. It presents Live Oak County court records, warrants, and jail records. Search results are accurate. Users enjoy full confidentiality.