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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Lamar County Warrant and Arrest Search Lamar County Warrant and Arrest Search Perform a Lamar County warrant and arrest search, TX. Use this website's online tool to check the background of any person living in Texas & the entire U.S.
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Lamar County Warrant and Arrest Search

Lamar County arrest records indicate all the instances in which a person was incarcerated for crimes police believed he had committed. To find these records, you had better contact the jail administrator at 903-737-2404.

Moreover, the online criminal database operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety contains information on people's arrest history. It encompasses the whole state. Only offenses more severe than Class B misdemeanor will be shown.

If you are interested in conducting an inmate search, the TDCJ offers you a useful electronic data bank which covers all of Texas' detention facilities and prisons.

Searching for Lamar County court records

Court records specify a person's convictions in court. To view them, you must fill in a FOIA request. This request should be sent by mail to the county clerk (if you are interested in misdemeanor convictions) or to the district clerk (in case you are looking for files dealing with felony convictions). The address of both offices is 119 N. Main, Paris, TX 75460. It should take no more than 10 business days to process and approve your request. To read more on acquiring public records, go to the website managed by the Attorney General of Texas.

Finding outstanding warrants

To undertake a Lamar County warrant search, you will need to arrive at the sheriff office and access their criminal archives. It is important to them to cooperate with the public in order to get information regarding the whereabouts of suspects. Their address is 125 Brown Ave. Paris, Texas 75460. Phone no. 903-737-2400. Of course, if you are a wanted person, it will be unwise to enter the sheriff office. Send someone you know to perform the inquiry for you.

Lastly, you can find all the information you are looking for by using one comprehensive online source: The search box annexed to this article will enable you to perform a detailed criminal background check on anyone living in Texas. Results are taken from trustworthy private and governmental data banks and therefore are highly accurate. You need not worry; the person you are searching will have no way of knowing about your inquiry.

Crime statistics

Based on governmental reports, in 2013 the annual number of crimes reported to the county's law enforcement authorities was 1,849.  There were 6 cases of homicide. 5 women were sexually assaulted. 30 people were robbed and 161 were victims of aggravated assaults. These grim data indicate an average of 3,697.4 offenses for every 100,000 residents. Police took into custody 477 suspects.