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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Kleberg County Warrants and Arrest Records Search Kleberg County Warrants and Arrest Records Search How to do a Kleberg County warrants and arrest records search, TX. Check the criminal background of people that matter to you. Use an advanced inquiry tool
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Kleberg County Warrants and Arrest Records Search

For those who are interested in digging a little deeper for information on people, this guide will help you in locating Kleberg County arrest records, warrants, and court records. In addition, if you are concerned about someone in your life who may have committed a felony and feel you need to do research in locating certain criminal records in Texas, you will find helpful starting points below.

Performing an arrest search

When searching for Kleberg County arrest records, you will want to visit the  Sheriff’s office website. The sidebar contains links and a contact us page with emails for various divisions.

By contacting the Jail Division (361-595-8500 ext. 1), you will be able to speak with those responsible for providing information on jail records.

You should also look at the TxDPS criminal history search, which is a state database through which you will be able to view abundant information on Texas criminal records including incarceration and conviction histories. The service requires that you sign up.

Performing a Kleberg County Warrant Search

Again, the most recommended source to inquire about Kleberg County warrants is the sheriff office. By visiting them in person at 1500 E. King Ave. Kingsville TX, 78363, you will be able to gain access to their outstanding warrants database and thus find out if the person you are checking is wanted by the law. The wanted page on the sheriff's website will also show you the FBI and Texas 10 most wanted persons. 

Searching for Kleberg County Court Records

For court dockets pertaining to felony offenses, the District Clerk office is where you will want to begin your inquiry. You will need to contact them and file a request (more guidelines on this below) to view public records. Their main telephone number is 361-595-8561, and more contact information is provided on their webpage.

For dockets on misdemeanor offences, you will want to contact the County Clerk office, and again be prepared to submit a request for information. The website of the Texas Attorney General explains how to request public information. Read it carefully to ensure you perform the above searches legally and effectively.

Crime Statistics

Within a period of 12 months, Kleberg County has experienced a total of 17 robberies for which 2 arrests were made, 202 assaults resulting in a total of 55 arrests, 291 burglaries with 8 total arrests, 828 cases of larceny with 151 total arrests and 41 incidents of auto theft, for which there were 4 total arrests made. There were no incidents of murder, but there were 6 reported cases of rape for which 2 suspects were incarcerated.