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Database Update on June 14, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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King County Warrants and Arrest Records Search King County Warrants and Arrest Records Search Run a King County warrants and arrest records search using this website's online tool. Find out if people you know have a criminal history in Texas.
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King County Warrants and Arrest Records Search

Background checks are becoming a more common process in today’s hiring market or even in non-profit organizations such as churches or schools looking to protect their children’s programs from unsavory workers.  While running one may not put a strain on your budget, most organizations have more than one person to check on. This article will help provide some cost-effective resources for looking up criminal histories in King County, Texas.

Criminal Record searches usually consist of three major areas: searching for any outstanding warrants, checking to see if they’ve ever been incarcerated, and looking for any pending court cases.  Each search has been given its own section below to help you locate that information.

Finding King County Warrants

If someone is wanted for a crime, they most likely will have a warrant signed by a judge from the county where they failed to appear in court or allegedly committed a crime. In order to check on this you should contact the King County Sheriff Department by calling (806) 596-4413, via Fax: (806) 596-4316, or Email:

Looking Up Arrests

If someone has ever been incarcerated, you can find an indication of it online by referring to the website of the Texas Department of Public Safety. They provide a criminal history name search where you can learn whether any person residing the state has ever been incarcerated for a Class B misdemeanor or greater offense. You will need to sign up for this service.

You can also run a check to locate King County arrest records by calling the local jail which is located in the Sheriff’s Office.  See the paragraph above for the Sheriff’s contact information.

If you’re trying to determine if someone has spent any time in prison in Texas, you can carry out an inmate search using the offender information tool provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This service does not require you to register and provides a database for quick access to a variety of resources.  

King County Court Records

To find court records of current or previous cases, you can check with the County Government Office at 800 S Baker St, Guthrie, TX 79236.  The District Clerk should be able to assist with Felony records while the County Clerk should have access to the Misdemeanor records.  Both clerks can be reached at the same address listed above and the telephone number is (806) 596-4412.  

Local Crime Statistics

King County’s population is approximately 273.  With that population there were only 2 crimes reported in the year 2013, both were burglaries.  However, in spite of the low crime rate, neither report led to an arrest.  This averages out to 732.6 offenses per 100,000 people.