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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Kent County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Kent County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Guidelines for Kent County warrant and arrest records search. Utilize this website's background check tool to inquire about people that matter to you.
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Kent County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

There are various reasons why people are interested in determining the possible criminal status of various individuals. For Instance, it may be an employer to whom honesty and discretion are very important considerations when hiring a new employee and so to avoid unnecessary risks, a criminal check is absolutely necessary.  There are a few ways to obtain criminal information in Kent County, TX.

Finding Kent County warrants

Due to the relatively small size of the county, it does not have a webpage dedicated for a warrant inquiry, but such information can be obtained at the sheriff office. The contact address of their offices is PO Box 7, in Jayton, Texas 79528, or if you have an urgent enquiry they can be reached telephonically on 806-237-3801.

Just remember that such an inquiry may possibly reveal your own criminal status which could lead to corresponding actions by law enforcement, so this may be something which should be kept in mind in order to avoid an unexpected arrest.

How can you inquire about Kent County arrest records?

Kent County has an agreement with Dickens, Stonewall and Garza Counties according to which they will house arrestees in their facilities, so you will have to conduct your arrest search by turning to their sheriff offices. Their addresses are as follows:

Dickens County sheriff: US 82 & Crow. P. O. Box 59.Dickens, Texas 79229, (806) 623-5533. Stonewall County sheriff: 416 Jefferson. Aspermont, TX 79502, (940) 989-3333. Garza County sheriff: 412 East 15th St. Post, Texas 79356, (806) 495-3595.

Moreover, there are useful sources of information available at the state level. For example, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an effective offender information search. The person's full name will suffice to run the inquiry.

The TxDPS puts at your disposal a computerized inquiry tool where you can find data on persons that have been incarcerated throughout the entire state. Only violations more severe than Class B misdemeanor will be displayed. You must register for the service to use it.

Population and criminal statistics of Kent County

Less than a thousand people (852 in 2013) call Kent county home and therefore criminal offenses are not as numerous as in larger counties. For instance in 2013 there were only 3 locals in the county prison. The total number of crimes reached 14. There were no murders or robberies. There were only 2 rape cases and one assault.

This low crime rate, however, does not mean that the public should not be vigilant and should not take measures to safeguard their businesses and other assets. Therefore the prudent thing to do is to make full use of the available resources and to ensure that you are fully aware of exactly whom you are allowing into your secure inner circle.