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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Kaufman County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Kaufman County Arrest Records and Warrant Search The easiest way to do a Kaufman County arrest records and warrant search, TX. Conduct comprehensive criminal background checks on people that matter to you
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Kaufman County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The Texas Public Information Act makes sure every resident will be able to access governmental civil and criminal reports. The Sheriff office operates according to these guidelines as it puts at your disposal a special Custodian of Open Records that can be contacted for the purpose of conducting a Kaufman County warrant search and finding arrest information.

You will be required to fill in a formal request which can be downloaded on the sheriff's website. Requests should be submitted via fax (972-932-9757), Email (, or mail (Custodian of Records, P.O. Box 849, Kaufman, Texas 75142).

If you are interested in acquiring instant information, it is advisable to use the search form on this webpage. It will connect you to large and updated databases that will reveal all the necessary details you need so as to learn about a person's criminal background. You will also gain access to civil records. Your search will remain strictly confidential (The person being searched will not know his / her background had been checked).

Additional sources for an arrest search

The sheriff office offers an inmate search tool ( that derives its information directly from the county jail. The problem with this tool is that it can present information dating back to no more than 2 – 3 years.

If you wish to find older Kaufman County arrest records using online sources, you will need to refer to the computerized search service offered by the TxDPS. It will exhibit a person's criminal history related to violations more serious than Class B misdemeanor.

Accessing Kaufman County court records

You can perform a civil and criminal case search by turning to the county clerk office whose address is Kaufman County Courthouse, 100 W. Mulberry, Kaufman, TX  75142 (telephone number is 972-932-4331, extension 1104 ). To acquire copies of court dockets you will be asked to pay a fee. Specific rates can be found here. These copies will include information on misdemeanor offenses.

To obtain reports on felony offenses, you ought to carry out your inquiry using the databases maintained by the district clerk. They are located in proximity to the county clerk. Use the same phone number of the county clerk (through extension 1274) to reach them.

Crime statistics

Throughout 2013, 2347 offenses were carried out in the county (statistically, that meant 2174.1 offenses for every 100000 residents). Law enforcement authorities investigated 9 murders, 31 rapes, 32 robberies, 160 assaults, 1189 larceny cases, 742 burglaries, and 184 car thefts. The number of suspects taken into custody reached 538.