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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Jones County Warrant Search, Texas Jones County Warrant Search, Texas Use these Guidelines to carry out a Jones County warrant search, Texas. Check a person's criminal background with this website's advanced inquiry tool.
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Jones County Warrant Search, Texas

Performing a Jones County warrant search is one of the easiest ways to learn more about a person’s criminal history. In fact, warrants, police records and court dockets are all public records, which means they can be used for a background check.

Jones County warrants are issued against individuals whom law enforcement agencies wish to incarcerate for an offense they have allegedly committed. To find out if any person is wanted by the police, you will need to show up at the sheriff office (at 402 2nd St, Anson, Texas 79501) and delve into their archives.

Carrying out an Arrest Search

If you wish to check an individual's incarceration history, you will need to obtain Jones County arrest records. There is no official online record of present and past inmates; however, interested parties can visit the local detention center for more information. The county's Corrections Department is located at 1226 Commercial Ave. Anson, Texas (telephone: 325-823-2417).

How to a broader search to find Texas arrest records and warrants

Alternatively, you can carry out a Jones County warrant search and find jail records by referring to two wider online search tools that encompass the entire state. To initiate a computerized criminal record check for offenses greater than a Class B misdemeanor, you should visit the TxDPS criminal history webpage found here.

The other option is to refer to the TDCJ's offender search. Just enter the subject’s name, TDCJ number or SID number and you will see inmates that populate prisons across the state.

Obtaining Jones County Court Records

Court dockets indicate whether a certain person has been prosecuted and/or convicted of a crime in the past. This information can be accessed by filing an open records request. For misdemeanor offenses, send your request to the county clerk at P.O Box 522 Anson, TX 79501.

A request to view felony records needs to be sent to the district clerk at P.O. Box 308 Anson, TX 79501. For more details on requesting public information, visit the Texas Attorney General website.

Conducting a Sex Offender Search in Texas

Registered sex offenders appear on the state's public sex offender list. To find out whether someone is on that list, you can conduct an electronic inquiry through the TxDPS search engine. Enter the offender’s name and place of residence (if known) into the database for more accurate results.

This website offers a highly accurate background check tool you can use to run a Jones ciunty warrant search and obtain information about a person's incarceration history. All you need is to type a name and you will in