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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Jim Wells County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Jim Wells County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Read this guide to help you perform a Jim Wells County arrest records and warrant search, Texas. Use this website's criminal background check tool.
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Jim Wells County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Running a background check used to be a difficult process reserved for the professionals. Today it’s easy enough for anyone to get public information given the right resources. This article should give you exactly what you need to search for criminal records in Jim Wells County.

Locating Jim Wells County warrants

Though city police obviously enforce the law and make arrests as well, the best way to run a Jim Wells County warrant search is through the Sheriff’s Department. While the county maintains a website for the Sheriff’s Department, there does not appear to be a way to find active warrants online.  Because of these limitations, your best alternative is to contact the Sheriff directly by mail or phone.  The office phone number is361-668-0341.  Their address is 611 E 3rd St. Alice, TX.

Finding Jim Wells County arrest records

A Jim Wells County arrest records search is also required to trace a person's criminal history.  Searchers will be happy to know that there is a website resource that lets you run an arrest search for any current detainees in the county jail.  For information on incarcerations from the past, you will need to contact the Sheriff directly at the number or address mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How to search for court records

As you will probably find when you begin looking online for help with finding court dockets, most crimes are prosecuted on the county level.  If you try to find resources at the city level, there won’t be much to find. 

In Texas, the majority of crimes are charged on the District Court level, so the fastest way to trace Jim Wells County court records is to contact the district clerk. They maintain a website with all their contact information, but they do not currently offer an online database for civil or criminal cases, so you should call or visit in them person at 200 N. Almond Street, Ste. 207, Alice, Texas 78332 (Phone: 361-668-5717).

Using resources provided by the state authorities

The state of Texas also has resources that extend beyond the local county level.  If you are unsure of the specific county in question or if you just want to check multiple counties at the same time without having to repeat the process, you can perform an online Texas Inmate Search by entering the appropriate information.

Another place to check in addition to using the statewide inmate locator is the Criminal History database managed by the TxDPS. This should not only bring up current results, but it also exhibits a person’s criminal past, which includes felony and misdemeanor offenses, as well as any incarceration history in state correctional facilities.

A final step in checking public records should take you to the site that logs Texas Sex Offenders.  The registry can be accessed online by clicking on this link.