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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Initiating a Hood County Criminal Background Check Initiating a Hood County Criminal Background Check How to conduct a Hood County criminal background check, Texas. Find arrest warrants and any other criminal record issued against the person you are checking
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Initiating a Hood County Criminal Background Check

Hood County court records are available to the public under Texas Public Information Act (Title 5, Subchapter A, Subtitle 552). However, the process of obtaining them is a little complicated. First, the type of information you require will determine which office you need to turn to. You will be required to contact the county clerk for misdemeanor cases and to the district clerk for felony cases. Second, you will have to submit a FOIA request to the following addresses:

  • The county clerk – P.O. Box 339, Granbury, Texas 76048. (Phone: 817-579-3222)
  • The District clerk – 1200 W. Pearl St. Granbury, Texas 76048. (Phone: 817-579-3236)

Your request may take 10 days to be fulfilled. Cases under investigation and juvenile records are not accessible to the public. For further instructions on acquiring public information, we suggest visiting the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Are you (or someone you know) wanted by the police?

Another important element in a criminal background check is tracing outstanding warrants. The most obvious place to initiate a Hood County warrant search is the sheriff office. They are located at 400 Deputy Larry Miller Dr. Granbury, TX  76048 (Phone number for nonemergency calls is 817-579-3316). Their data banks contain criminal information obtained from the county's law enforcement agencies.

One word of caution – in case you suspect there is an arrest order carrying your name, stay away from police stations and opt for online sources. One of these recommended sources is the electronic inquiry tool on this page. Using it, you will be able to get detailed and accurate reports containing a person's criminal record. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.

Carrying out an arrest search

To find Hood County arrest records, contact the county jail (817-579-3333). To make your inquiry as efficient as possible, you should come up with as many details as you can, including the arrestee's full name, date of birth, booking number and place and date of arrest if known.

To conduct a broader inmate search refer to the electronic database managed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It covers all of TX correctional facilities.

Crime data

With 2 cases of homicide, 8 rapes, 1 robbery and 60 assaults in 2013, Hood County is not the safest place in the state. During that year, it suffered from 1,119 crimes with an average rate of 2,131.6 offenses for 100,000 residents. Police were able to apprehend 265 suspects.