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Database Update on February 21, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Initiating a Grayson County Criminal Background Check Initiating a Grayson County Criminal Background Check How to run a Grayson County criminal background check, TX. Use this website's criminal history search tool to check on people that matter to you
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Initiating a Grayson County Criminal Background Check

Grayson County warrants are issued against people who are suspected of committing a crime. These persons are liable to an arrest and thus must make effort to hire a good criminal lawyer to provide them with the best legal counsel possible to minimize any adverse outcomes resulting from their entanglements with the police.

Finding out whether you are wanted by the police

The natural place to start a Grayson County warrant search is the sheriff office. They do not have an online inquiry tool, so you ought to arrive at their office in person (The address is Grayson County, 100 W. Houston Sherman, Texas 75090). That might be unwise if there is indeed an arrest order against you waiting to be served. You might try to call them (903-813-4200) but it is doubtful whether they will be willing to convey the information on the telephone.

The best solution is to send someone to do the check for you or rely on online sources. The search option on this page is an example of such an online source. It will display a person's criminal background in the state of Texas. The results are derived from accurate and reliable data banks. Furthermore, your confidentiality will not be compromised at any stage of the inquiry.

How can you perform an arrest search?

Start by contacting the sheriff's Correction Department. Their telephone numbers is 903-813-4200. You can call the county's detention center directly.  Their telephone number is 903-786-5783.

If you are interested in performing a more thorough Grayson County arrest records search, you had better resort to more extensive criminal databases. For example, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice put at your disposal an inmate inquiry tool that covers all of TX correctional facilities.

The TxDPS offers an electronic tool that displays people's criminal histories and prosecutions in the state's different courts. However, it does not encompass violations less severe than Class B misdemeanor.

Tracing Grayson County court records

The best place for a case search is the county clerk. They will give you information related to misdemeanor offenses as well as civil suits lower than 100,000 USD.

The district clerk handles court dockets that deal with felony offences and civil cases higher than 100,000 USD. You may save some precious time by conducting an online inquiry to find the county's judicial records.

Crime information

3392 crime incidents occurred in the course of 2013. These incidents included 7 murders, 24 rapes, 42 robberies, 252 assaults, 726 burglaries, 2171 larceny cases and 170 car thefts. For every 100000 residents, 2782.2 crimes were committed. Police took into custody 929 suspects.