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Database Update on July 12, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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How You Can Find Wichita County Warrants and Arrest Records How You Can Find Wichita County Warrants and Arrest Records Learn how to find Wichita county warrants and arrest records, TX. Protect yourself. Carry out a criminal background checks on people involved in your life.
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How You Can find Wichita County Warrants and Arrest Records

Unless caught while committing an offense, a suspect can only be incarcerated based on an arrest warrant. Like anywhere else in Texas and in the USA, in order to be issued, Wichita County warrants necessitate a probable cause and the signature of a judge.

The sheriff office can provide accurate and updated information on any arrest order issued in the county. They do not offer an electronic inquiry tool. Therefore, you will have to visit their offices which are located at 900 7th Street, Room 100, Wichita Falls, TX 76301. You can refer your questions to (940) 766-8170.

If you have any grounds to believe you are wanted by the police, we suggest refraining from approaching the sheriff directly because you might find yourself behind bars. So either hire a good criminal lawyer or opt for a safer online inquiry.

An online Wichita County warrant search can be performed using the search box on this page. Result will encompass all important details related to a person's criminal background. The data is highly reliable and precise and your inquiry will be kept 100% confidential.

Undertaking an arrest search

To obtain Wichita County arrest records, refer to the inmate roster on the sheriff's website. It presents details such as the arrestee's full name, gender, age, race, address, booking date and time, how much time he / she spent in the county jail, charges, bond and the agency that incarcerated him / her.

As to the state's sources of information, you can turn to two main criminal data banks:

  • The TxDPS has a computerized criminal search that shows a person's arrest history for violations more severe than class B misdemeanor.
  • You can initiate an inmate search that covers Texas correctional facilities by utilizing the TDCJ's online offender locator tool.

Wichita County court records

We suggest calling the criminal division of the county clerk at (940)766-8173. They will give you specific guidelines for conducting a case search. They are responsible for storing court reports on misdemeanor offenses.

For court dockets related to felony offenses, turn to the district clerk. For relevant criminal information call them at (940)766-8187.

Texas Public Information Act allows you to see most of the official documents held by the government, including files containing legal and criminal data. You may need to file a formal request, but the information is supposed to be available to the public.

Crime Data

Reports issued by the TxDPS reveal that 5681 crimes incidents occurred in the county in the course of 2013. The county's police agencies handled 7 murder cases, 39 rapes, 131 robberies and 319 assaults. Property crimes included 1179 burglaries, 3695 larceny incidents and 311 auto thefts. In sum, 4301.4 offenses were committed per 100000 people. 1081 suspects were apprehended by the police.