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Database Update on July 12, 2024

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How to Find Wood County Warrants and Arrest Records How to Find Wood County Warrants and Arrest Records Search for Wood County warrants and arrest records, TX. Carry out a background check on any person living in Texas. Utilize this website's search tool
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How to Find Wood County Warrants and Arrest Records

To keep away from dubious people and to minimize the risk to yourself or to your family, you might want to do a criminal background check on those with whom you interact on a daily basis (an employee, a neighbor, someone you have started dating recently, etc.). Fortunately, with the advent of information technology and thanks to the Texas Public Information Act, the information is now available to anyone who wishes to find it. This article will guide you through the process of tracing Wood County warrants and arrest records.

Locating Outstanding Warrants

Since there is no online database that presents wanted persons, a Wood County warrant search should be carried out by physically arriving at the sheriff office (402 S Stephens St, Quitman, TX 75783. Phone no. 903-763-2201).  Their data banks contain all arrest orders issued against suspects in the county. They are usually willing to deliver the necessary information hoping to use the public's help in locating fugitives.

If you want to focus on online sources, the search box found on this page will present all criminal records issued against the person you are searching. All you have to do to get the information is to type the subject's full name. The reports that will be presented to you are accurate and reliable. Your inquiry will be kept confidential.

How to perform an arrest search

To find Wood County arrest records, you should refer to the county jail. The following page contains contact information. Moreover, the county offers a computerized inquiry tool meant to help you locate jail records.

You can also do a broader Texas inmate search using the TDCJ's electronic data bank which encompasses all of the state's correctional facilities. The search is based on one or more of the following: an inmate's name, TDCJ number or SID number.

Lastly, the TxDPS Crime Records Service offers a comprehensive online search that displays a person's criminal activity and prosecutions history. The data covers the whole of Texas. However, the service is given only to those with an active account, so you will be obligated to sign up while disclosing personal details for the purpose of verification.

Wood County Court Records

Court dockets reveal a person's prior convictions and are, therefore, an essential part of his or her criminal history. The county's website directs users to an online archive where they can initiate a case search by filling in the defendant's name, case number, case status or file date.

Furthermore, the district clerk presents a page with links to recent records issued by the 402ndJudicial District Court. If you still find all of that to be inadequate, you will need to turn to the county clerk (for misdemeanor criminal records) or to the district clerk (for felony criminal records) and file a FOIA request. To learn more about how to officially obtain public information, turn to the website of General Attorney of Texas.

Crime data

In 2013, 61 violent crimes and 1,077 property crimes occurred in the county. Police had to deal with 1 murder, 5 robberies, 54 cases of assaults, 449 burglaries, 590 larceny cases, and 38 auto thefts. Fortunately, there were no reported rape cases. 240 people were taken into custody.